Volume 18 | May 1-5, 2017
City's Balanced Budget Adds Police, Fire Services and Satellite Library

The Moreno Valley City Council has approved the City’s two-year budget which will continue to preserve the fiscal strength of the City while funding key services to protect and enhance our community and increasing the City’s capital investments.  Fully balanced, the Budget does not draw upon financial reserves or one-time monies to sustain ongoing services.

The two-year budget was based on the City’s “Momentum MoVal” strategic plan, addressing community priorities while maintaining a balanced budget. The two-year budget marks the sixth straight year of achieving balanced spending plans for Moreno Valley, which was recently ranked as one of the nation’s top fiscally strong cities.

Momentum MoVal focuses on six priorities: Economic Development, Public Safety, Infrastructure, Library, Beautification/Community Engagement/Quality of Life, and Youth Programs.

In approving the budget, the City Council directed funding to put more police officers and firefighters on the streets, open the City’s first satellite library and boost Economic Development programs which have already added more than 9,000 jobs over the last three years.

The Council also increased funding for the City’s Employment Resource Center to promote local hiring to put even more Moreno Valley residents back to work.

“The City of Moreno Valley has been recognized as one of the nation’s most fiscally responsible cities. This budget continues that proud tradition,” said Mayor Yxstian Gutierrez. “We continue to provide a high level of service to our residents, business owners and visitors while enhancing the quality of life for everyone.”

Other budget highlights include:

  • Two additional patrol deputies 

  • $1.2 million to add a new fire squad consisting of 6 new positions to help meet increased demands for emergency medical response

  • Increased City oversight and administration of the police and fire services contracts

  • Funds to open and operate a 4,800 square foot satellite public library by December 2017 

  • Two additional code compliance officers to enhance the community livability

  • Increased staffing for the City’s award-winning Economic Development Department to attract more national and international companies to Moreno Valley

Input from the community provided through the prior development of the “Momentum MoVal” strategic plan, Study Sessions, Town Hall meetings, and participants who provided feedback through the City’s online Balancing Act program, ensured that the spending plan reflects community priorities.   

Postmaster Addresses Mailbox Theft, Offers New Solutions

At the City’s request, Moreno Valley’s Acting Postmaster came to City Hall this week to discuss our residents’ continued frustration over theft of mail from cluster mailboxes and resulting damage which prevents the Post Office from delivering mail to boxes that can no longer be locked.  

Recognizing that mail theft is on the rise throughout the region, the Post Office is taking a new approach.  In areas where cluster mailboxes are not owned by Homeowner Associations, the Post Office will repair or replace damaged boxes free of charge.  Older boxes just weren’t designed to resist break-in.  The boxes being installed are stronger, and offer additional protection against theft.

Residents who live in neighborhoods not served by Homeowner Associations can call the Post Office at 951-656-9720 to request repair or replacement of damaged cluster mailboxes.  The Postmaster assures us that they are working as quickly as possible to install new boxes as they are received from the manufacturer.  They are able to install several boxes each day in locations throughout the City, and are doing this to correspond to the order in which requests are received. 

If you live in a neighborhood served by a Homeowner Association, damaged boxes are replaced by the HOA.  Your Association can contact the Post Office to ensure that the new Cluster Mailboxes installed by the HOA are approved by the US Postal Service.  

To help residents keep track of mail items being delivered, the Post Office has launched a new service called “Informed Delivery.”  If you sign up for this service, you will receive an email from the Post Office which shows mail that will be delivered to you that day. 

This offers two important benefits:  It alerts you to important mail items so that you can be sure to retrieve them from your box as quickly as possible.  And, in the event that you become a victim of mail theft, you’ll know which pieces of mail are missing which can assist you in contacting the sender to let them know that you didn’t receive their correspondence. 

For more information about the Informed Delivery service, or to sign up online, visit the Post Office website. 

At the City, we’re also doing all we can to help.  We’ve installed solar lighting at a few cluster mailboxes to see if this might reduce mail theft.  If this proves successful, we’ll share info with residents or HOAs interested in purchasing/installing similar devices. 

The Moreno Valley Police Department is working with other police agencies to identify and prosecute those responsible for mail theft.  Our Public Safety Camera System can also prove helpful in this effort. 

In Moreno Valley, we’re doing our best to maintain the quality of life benefits that make our community such a great place in which to live and work. We greatly appreciate our new Postmaster’s commitment to our community, and thank him for the positive changes that he and his team are already making to enhance service to Moreno Valley residents and businesses.

Moreno Valley Police Officer Willner Honored with Lifesaving Award

Moreno Valley Police Officer Jay Willner was honored by the Law Enforcement Appreciation Committee for Exceptional Lifesaving for providing lifesaving medical aid to a motorcyclist critically injured in a traffic accident.

The Committee recognizes outstanding law enforcement officers in Western Riverside County.

On September 11, 2016, a motorcyclist was involved in a major accident with a vehicle at Graham Street near Old Valley Drive, severing his leg.

Several witnesses reported the man was in dire need of life-saving measures.

Willner, who was not assigned to patrol at the time, learned of the accident, immediately grabbed his first aid equipment, and responded to the accident scene.

He located the severely injured man who had suffered a traumatic amputation and massive bleeding due to his injuries. Willner immediately applied a tourniquet to slow the bleeding and began treating the victim’s other injuries and shock.

While awaiting for emergency medical personnel to arrive, Willner attempted to calm the victim.

When later asked about the incident, Willner stated that he had done nothing different than any other officer would have under similar circumstances.

The victim is alive today due to Willner's quick and effective actions.

Thank you Officer Willner for your dedication to the residents of Moreno Valley!

Longtime Police Volunteer Steps Down

After more than seventeen years of dedicated volunteer service to the Moreno Valley Police Department, Mary Cole is stepping down.

Mary has been serving as a police department volunteer since 1999. 

Known for her dedication and ability to organize and process a variety of complex tasks, Mary's countless hours of work helped free police department staff to spend more time to assist the public.

Mary spent most of her volunteer career in the Moreno Valley Police Department’s Traffic Division, processing and organizing paperwork for motor officers and accident investigators.  Her work allowed staff to spend their time in the field conducting investigations and working to reduce the numbers of accidents in the city of Moreno Valley.

The Moreno Valley Police Department would like to thank Mary Cole for her years of hard work and dedication to the City of Moreno Valley.  We wish her well in her new adventures. 

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Enhancements 

Construction of the Cycle 7 Citywide Pedestrian and Bicycle Enhancement is underway.

The project is part of a Capital Improvement Project to enhance safety for pedestrians and bicyclists by meeting the objectives of its ADA Transition Plan, and the Bicycle Master Plan

The project will reconstruct twelve access ramps at four City intersections to meet American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. The reconstruction will occur at these intersections:  

  • Elsworth Street/Juan Bautista De Anza Trail

  • Dracaea Avenue/Alexis Drive

  • Pigeon Pass Road/Sunnymead Ranch Parkway

  • Dracaea Avenue/Arbor Park Lane

   Construction is scheduled to be finished by June 2017.

May is Building Safety Month

The City of Moreno Valley is celebrating Building Safety Month to educate the public about what it takes to build safe and sustainable structures where we live, work and play.

This year’s theme is Code Officials— Partners in Community Safety and Economic Growth.

The campaign reinforces the need for adoption of modern, model building codes, a strong and efficient system of code enforcement and a well-trained, professional workforce to maintain the system.

All communities need building codes to protect their residents from disasters like fires, weather-related events and structural collapse. Model building codes are society's best way of protecting homes, offices, schools, manufacturing facilities, stores and entertainment venues.

Code officials work day in and day out to keep the public safe. Building Safety Month is a month-long celebration of all aspects of building safety that helps families, employers and leaders understand and appreciate the best practices that keep the places where we live, work and play, safe.

The campaign is presented by the International Code Council and its 63,000 members worldwide along with a diverse partnership of professionals from the building construction, design and safety community. Corporations, government agencies, professional associations, nonprofits and more come together to support Building Safety Month.

In addition to the overall theme, Building Safety Month incorporates weekly themes.

WEEK ONE // May 1-7, 2017
Mentoring the Next Generation of Building Professionals

WEEK TWO // May 8-14, 2017
Building Design Solutions for All Ages

WEEK THREE // May 15-21, 2017
Manage the Damage – Preparing for Natural Disasters

WEEK FOUR // May 22-28, 2017
Investing in Technology for Safety, Energy & Water Efficiency

Stop by Moreno Valley City Hall to learn more or visit the International Code Council's website.

Small Business Development Center Workshop

Employee or Independent Contractor

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

9 a.m. - 12 p.m.


As an employer you are faced with many challenges and responsibilities.

It is to your advantage to know your obligations and understand the State payroll reporting requirements.Complying with the employment tax laws will help you avoid payroll tax problems.

Representatives from the EDD will discuss topics such as: factors that make a worker an employee, basics of statutory employment, independent contractor reporting requirements and how to get help.

Join us at the Moreno Valley Conference Center located at 14075 Frederick Street in Alessandro Room A. This workshop is sponsored by the City of Moreno Valley.

Register online HERE.