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Let's Talk!
Morning Glory Fine Craft Fair August 11-12, 2018
Our award-winning artists love to talk to show goers! Stop by any booth that intrigues you and ask a question or two. You'll be amazed to hear how the artists conceptualize and create their treasures.
Fantastical Reality

Who: Lou Zale Fine Art, Photography
Deerfield, IL

I’m a digital story teller and the stories I like to create are ones that blend realism, magic and fantasy. I meticulously construct miniature sets that combine media, objects and pictures in a surreal way. Once I’m satisfied with the scene I’ve created, I capture it photographically. 

Favorite Piece: My favorite pieces are the ones that include my children because they capture a child’s sense of wonderment. 

Something Unexpected: I’m addicted to baseball and often use it in my pieces. As a child, I would cut school and take a train to Wrigley Field to catch a game.
Artist Taps Nature

Who: Joan Kennedy, Fiber Artist
West Bend, WI

It may sound strange but I feel that limiting my materials and techniques has allowed me to grow as a fiber artist. I’m inspired by the colors and textures in nature and translate that beauty into hand dyed, felted wearable art.
Favorite Piece: I like my cashmere flame scarves because of the mysterious shape of my pattern, the meditative process of dying them and that they become sources of comfort and pleasure for my customers.
Something Unexpected: My one-of-a kind pieces are made from reclaimed wool sweaters that I find at resale stores. Also, many of my customers are surprised when I tell them that I design and sew each piece before I felt it.
Look For The Unexpected
At the Morning Glory Fine Craft Fair, everywhere you turn there's another unexpected surprise - an interesting sculpture, painting, piece of jewelry or pottery. Pause for a moment (or more) at each booth to admire the original, hand-crafted creations from our talented artists.  
“Creativity takes courage.”
Henri Matisse
Spend August 11 & 12 meeting, talking to, browsing and buying from accomplished artists. Afterwards, take a stroll to nearby restaurants, shops, parks and the Milwaukee Art Museum on Lake Michigan.
Morning Glory Fine Craft Fair
929 N. Water St.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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