Morningside United Methodist Church
July 2017
July 2nd
Rebekah's Journey  
What calls you into relationship?
Genesis 24:34-38, 42-49, 58-67
July 9th
Jacob's Bribery
What draws someone to resort to bribery?
Genesis 25:19-34
July 16th
More Deception  
Is using deception worth the consequences?
Genesis 29:15-28
July 23rd
Sibling Rivalry  
When has sibling rivalry led to brokenness?
Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28
July 30th
What actions lead to reconciliation?
Genesis Genesis 45:1-15
Morningside Worship & Brunch
at Silver Falls State Park on
August 6th.
Morningside will be having our worship service, including singing and Holy Communion, at Silver Falls State Park at the North Meeting Hall. Worship will begin at 10:00 followed by a Potluck Brunch. There is a refrigerator to keep items cold and an oven to keep items warm. This is the beginning of Morningside's Retreat Day!   There will be carpooling sign-up sheets for those who want to come for worship and brunch only. Those carpooling can meet at Morningside at 9:00.
There will not be a worship service at Morningside on August 6th. If you prefer not to come to Silver Falls State Park, you are encouraged to visit one of our Open Door Churches worship services:
               8:45   FUMC - Praise Service in the Micah Building
              9:00   Trinity UMC - Traditional Service
            10:00   Keizer Clear Lake UMC - Blended Service
            11:15   Englewood UMC - Traditional Service
            11:15   FUMC - Tradition Service in the Sanctuary
Morningside Retreat Day :
Sunday, August 6, 2017
Silver Falls State Park
Come for a Day of : Fellowship
           Fun       Waterfalls         Worship         
       Hiking      Crafts         Games
  Eating       Campfire         Kayaking 
We will begin with Singing and Communion at 10:00am followed by a Potluck Brunch at the North Meeting Hall. The afternoon will be the time to enjoy activities from table games inside the meeting hall to outdoor games to kayaking and hiking.

We will end the day with a fun BBQ dinner followed by a campfire and s'mores!!

We have reserved the North Meeting Hall which is close to a playground, Nature Play Area and link to the Trail of 10 Falls.
The lodge is handicap accessible and this event is inter-generational for families of all sizes and people of all ages.

Come for Worship and Brunch or for the whole day! Invite your family, friends and neighbors! Carpool Sign-up sheets are available in the office.

Cost: Adults - $20 for all day, youth and kids are free.
Worship & Brunch Only - free will donation.
Scholarships are available.
May Challenge Wrap Up
T hank you to everyone who contributed to the May Challenge, in support of Morningside's programs for children, youth and families.  
The total raised during the May Challenge was $5765.00. Unfortunately, the total fell short of Morningside's goal of $10,000. Nevertheless, your gifts are making a difference, and they are much appreciated.
Your May Challenge gifts are helping support Vacation Bible School and other Christian Education programs. Plans are in the works for a picnic at Morningside in late August, to kick off a series of programs and events for children, youth and families. These will include programs and events during Advent, Christmas Eve, the beginning of Lent, and Easter.
Of course, we would like to do more. 
In This Issue
Worship Schedule
10 a.m. - Worship
11 a.m. - Fellowship Time
Childcare is offered for infants and toddlers from 9:30 -11 a.m. every Sunday morning.

Newsletter Deadline

Thursday, August 10th
at 9 a.m.
July Birthdays
7/4 Brigitte Rolph
7/4 Dawn Eckert
7/4 Phyllis Phillips
7/6 Joe Wetherbee
7/7 Katherine Evans-Gile
7/7 Lauren Strobel
7/7 Phyllis Boston
7/10 Carol Cady
7/10 Darlene Wetherbee
7/10 Mary Ellen Eichelberger
7/12 Nancy O'Loughlin
7/14 Erin MCGrath
7/14 Bonnie Garcia
7/14 Dynashae Mashadda
7/14 Sandy Riley
7/18 Sue Reid
7/21 George Ann Evans
7/23 Bob Pattison
7/27 Bob Maxey
7/27 Rich Crossler-Laird
7/30 Maree Fast
July Anniversaries
7/5 Frank & LaVelle Lasher
7/14 Joe & Edith Benninghoff
7/15 Hale & Romona Thornburgh

In our prayers are those with...

Health Concerns, Illness, Loss of Loved Ones:

John Estelle, Lyle Dragoo, Jean Anderson, Lillis Larson, Dick Riley, Glen McCall,   Robert Kuenzli, Renee Cornwell, Jerry Perry, Ken Amend,  Joy Willhite, Paula Kent, Dorothy Green, Maggie Johnson, and Elisa Reckendorf 
Financial Update
Greetings fellow MUMC worshipers. Giving the first 6 months of this year has been sufficient to cover most of our expenses. We have received pledged giving totaling $124,442, which is 101.5% of budgeted through June and $14,929 in non-pledged giving and plate offering, which is 115% of budgeted through June. We are grateful for your faithful stewardship and giving.
With the May Challenge, our first fundraiser along with the trustee project, and rental income, our total income is $153,432, which is 97.4% of budgeted through June. This lower percentage reflects the budgeted income for fund raisers that will be happening later this year.
The challenge we face this year is monitoring cash flow with an unbalanced budget and our reliance on successful fund raisers.
With better weather now, the Trustees are in the midst of completing facility projects including parking lot repairs. In order to be prudent with our funds and have available cash for upcoming bills, we have had to reduce our approximately $4,000 per month apportionment to the OR-ID Annual Conference by half for January-May. This is disconcerting in that we had made a point of paying our apportionments in the past. The finance committee will be watching income and expenses closely with the goal of meeting our full apportionment by end of the year if future giving and income are sufficient.
Bill Burgess, Finance Chair; Gary Patterson-Sterling, Treasurer and the Finance Committee

Pastor Wendy's Summer Reading
Somewhere along the way I have stopped creating enough time over the past few years in my schedule for reading, study and reflection. This summer I am intentionally creating such space and time after discussing this with Morningside's SPRC. To kick off this effort, after spending a few hours in the office on Monday, July 10, I will head up to Timothy Lake Campground to dedicate the remainder of the week to reading, study, reflection, sermon preparation and worship planning. Here is what is on my reading list for this summer:
Christian Social Innovation: Renewing Wesleyan Witness by L. Gregory Jones
Fear of the Other: No Fear in Love by Bishop William H. Willimon
Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living by Krista Tippett
Genesis and related study materials for July sermons
A Long Way Home: A Memoir by Sara Brierley
I invite your prayers for working this important time into my schedule both through dedicated retreat days throughout the year and dedicated hours as part of my weekly schedule.
Blessings, Pastor Wendy
Beyond the Walls
experiencing life and
          spirituality in community
McDowell Creek Falls
3 Mile Hike with Scenic Water Falls
Saturday, July 29th
Meet at 8:30 at Morningside UMC to Carpool
Bring Your Own Lunch and Chair to Picnic after the Hike.
Invite your friends, family, and neighbors!
Beyond the Walls will be a different experience that happens 8-12 times a year and is open to those who simply want to enjoy good company, have fun and meaningful experiences, build community ~ who are looking for a group to experience life and spirituality together. Invite your friends, family and neighbors to join you!

Art Fair   

The Salem Art Fair is fast approaching, and Morningside will once again have its food booth at the Art Fair. It is going to take the efforts of many Morningsiders to make this booth a success. We will need many to volunteer for shifts, as well as donate supplies and more.
Volunteer shifts will begin on Wednesday, July 19 with set up crews. Some workers will be needed to organize items at the church, while others will be needed at Bush Pasture Park to set up our booth. We will once again be feeding the artist on Thursday, July 20th and full crews for the rest of the weekend Friday, July 21 through Sunday, July  23rd.
We will need to borrow many large ice chests for beverages and other storage. Donations of canned sodas and bottled water, as well as Chinet Paper Plates (they must be Chinet, as they are recyclable and meet the requirements of the Are Fair's quest to lower their carbon footprint)

Sign up sheets are on the bulletin board. 

30th Annual Transformations Prayer Retreat
September 24-29 2017
Location: Suttle Lake
Fee: $365
Leaders: Rev. Kate Conolly and Rev. Michael Powell

The Transformations Prayer Retreat blendscontemplation and community. Emphasis is on the communal sharing of the sacraments, with ample time for the solitude of prayer, meditation, and reflection. Come apart to renew your spirit and re-center yourself through time in Christian community and intentional time with God.

There are  three worship experiences each day, grounded in daily scripture. Each 
morning begins with Holy Communion. At noon we gather for quiet, contemplative 
worship. At 5 o'clock we share an interactive worship time focusing on the scripture 
that we have lived with during the day. There is ample free time for rest, hiking, 
reading, and canoeing on the lake. Kate and Michael will lead evening discussions.

Evening programs will focus on the book, Radical Optimism: Practical Spirituality in an Uncertain World, which describes the value of meditation, leisure, relaxing the body, and keeping silent for a period of time all within the context of the ordinary demands of life, by Beatrice Bruteau.

For registration information, please contac Genev  a Cook, camp registrar: 
503- 802-9213 or .

Mission U: Educate to Transform   
Grow in your faith, meet new neighbors, and learn about the world God so loves at
Mission U 2017! Mission u brings together women from all over Oregon, Idaho & beyond for dynamic worship, community building, and engaging study that explores the implications of our Christian faith in today's world.

Mission u 2017 in Oregon will be July 27-30  at the Alton Collins Retreat Center in Eagle Creek, OR. School will start  on Thursday  at  1 pm . Rooms at Collins Retreat are double or triple and we do need some rooms to be triple which will require some of us to climb a ladder.

Registration again this year is all online .  You will need to make a deposit of $50 and the remaining amount paid by  July 13 . N ever attended before?  Here is your opportunity to come join the fun.  Paper registrations are not available but you can call Collins for assistance to register,  503-637-6411  and talk with Laura.
Our Spiritual Growth study for 2017 is Living as a Covenant Community and teach this year are Gayle Woods from Idaho.  Covenants are found in the Bible from the moment God created man and woman until the last page of Revelation. The 2017 Spiritual Growth Study examines major covenants throughout the Bible and what they reveal about God's character and eternal love for us. This study will enhance your understanding of how God works with us, in us, and through us.  Read more about this study and order your study book at this site on the web:  Spiritual growth study: Living as a Covenant Community .

Do you know about the missionary conferences of the United States?  
Join us this year as Sue Chambers leads the Geographic Study:  Missionary Conferences of the United States. You will learn about the history and how each conference is founded. The study explores church history alongside U.S. history in these regions, our ability to both welcome and marginalize those we consider different from ourselves, and the ways in which the church comes together to welcome and support our sisters and brothers through creative and authentic ministry.  Read more about this study and order your study book at this site on the web:   Geographic study: 
Missionary Conferences of the U.S .  This study will be repeated in 2018

John Pitney will return to teaching Climate Justice: A Call to Hope and Action in Oregon on Saturday & Sunday only .  This study will deepen your understanding and awareness of climate change and its impact on God's creation.  Read more about this study and order your study book at this site on the web:  Issue study: Climate Justice
Study books are $10 each or $5.35 each for e-readers from any of the web pages listed above.  The Climate Justice and Missionary Conferences have study guides for youth and children.  What an opportunity to share with youth and children in your local community. Bring a friend and prepare to turn your faith, hope, and love into action!  Attend Mission u 2017.
Janelle Bolt, janelle@busyhands.biz503-538-9401
Dean, Mission u 2017
May Board Meeting:
We heard a report from Sarah, our Communications Coordinator, who has worked on a number of projects over the past month:
  • developing a policy for the writing of and inclusion of articles in the Open Door Churches website
  • making sure that all members who have email from all of the churches are on Constant Contact
  • providing a time for all of the Office Managers to come together for some joint training
  • working with Messy Church and VBS teams on advertising/marketing
  • beginning to work with each church on the development or improvement of       individual websites
  • working on communication grant applications for years 2 and 3.
 We heard a report from Jorge regarding the Hispanic ministry and the Jason Lee Community Center. The following were high points:
  • The small groups meeting in Salem, Woodburn and Independence are going strong.
  • The English and Citizenship classes both have a large number of members.
  • Developing a core group of 12 people who are willing to be the charter group for the beginning of the recognized Las Naciones Church.
We heard a report about Messy Church. The version of Messy Church known as Fiesta Church, run through Trinity UMC is going well.  The numbers have dropped a little but they feel like it is working there.  The numbers at Clear Lake have dropped and the numbers at Morningside continue to be very low so the decision was made to change the frequency of the events to coincide with Holy days throughout the year, with the exception of the kick-off picnic in August.  Then there would be one at the beginning of Advent, Christmas Eve, the beginning of Lent and Easter.
Margie Lowe and Karna Johnson committed to being available during coffee hour on the Sunday after each board meeting to provide copies of the most recent minutes and financial reports available and to share news. This has proven challenging as both Margie and Karna have had conflicts with either the board meeting or the coffee hour time.  However, we are not giving up.  Karna will be ending her tenure with the Open Doors Churches board at the June meeting.  We will be nominating a new lay person to take her place.  Once that happens, the new person and Margie will set up a schedule so that someone will be available to share updated information about the work of the board.  In the meantime, please contact Margie or Karna if you would like either minutes or financial statements.

June Board Meeting:

The Month of June and our Open Door Churches board meeting on June 26, marked a time of transition.

**We thanked the board members who will be rotating off for their services of two years plus being part of the task force prior to this that created this concept. 

**Morningside UMC is grateful for Karna's service to Open Door Churches and we are in process of seeking a new board member to serve along with Margie Lowe.

**A retirement gathering was held for Rev. Karen Nelson in appreciation of her 4 years of service. Karen and Greg now live in Portland, Oregon.

**We are preparing to welcome Rev. Alyssa Baker as the newest member of our clergy team who will be the lead pastor at Keizer Clear Lake UMC, As Alyssa prepares to move into her new apartment she needs a table and chairs for her kitchen nook and book cases. Let Wendy know if you have any items to help her out.

Hello Morningside Folks!


At the request of Charlene McCreight, the head of Integrity for the Oregon Diocese of the Episcopal Church, I'm trying to spread the word about an event at St. Paul's Episcopal Church on July 8th, 2017.


The link below will take you to St. Paul's page for this event. It's called God's Love and the LGBT+ Community. It is designed to be an ecumenical event. Their website has more info on it but there is going to be a panel discussion about LGBT experiences with God/Church, exploring the Bible in regards to LGBTQ, and Bishop Gene Robinson will be speaking in the afternoon. Bishop Gene was the first openly gay man elected as a Bishop in the Episcopal Church in New Hampshire conference in 2004. (The Episcopalian version of Bishop Karen)!


It's from 9am to roughly 4pm. Cost is $25.00 in advance or $30.00 at the door. There are some scholarships available. If folks just want to hear Bishop Robinson (well worth it), $15.00 in advance, $20.00 the day of. There will be parking offered at St. Paul's and Bush Park as well. Lunch is included for the folks there all day, vegetarian, gluten free and vegan options available.


Gin Sawin (the ever loving clown)


God's Love the the LBGT+ Community


Youth Upcoming Events
July 11  Mini Golf and Pizza
July 18  Water Balloon Wars
July 25  Field Games and Ice Cream at Morningside
V acation Bible School
All kids from age 4 to 5th grade graduates are invited to four days of epic exploration in Peru as we learn about God's love! Each day as we sing, craft, snack and explore Peru, we'll see how God gives us comfort, patience, peace, and joy!

Here are the  registration forms for downloading. Please turn them in to one of the two churches above. There will be a limit of 50 kids at each site. If you have any questions, email Yajaira.

Volunteers are needed for the following areas:
  • Registration
  • Prepping crafts ahead of time
  • Decorating the Sanctuary
  • Snack staff
  • Shepherds with children and others
 If you have a heart for kids and want to explore Peru too, call your church office!
Thank You
The Family of the Bulletset's would like to thank everyone for their prayers and all the sympathy cards.
Upcoming Events
The Yard Angels
Due to the holiday weekend, the Morningside yard work day has been postponed to July 8th. All are welcome to join us for fellowship and comradeship as we work on the beautification of our church. We will meet on Saturday, July 8th from 9-12.

The Middlers meet Wednesday, July 12th @ 6:45 pm 
UMW Potluck Salad Lunch
United Methodist Women are sponsoring a potluck salad lunch on Sunday, July 16th @ 11:15 am. We will meet in Herrmann Hall. Please bring a salad, side, or dessert for the potluck.  Donations given at the potluck will support local and international missions. Thank you for your support!
Brews and News Adult Education, July 19th, 6:30 at Santiam Brewery
Join us for discussions that are always insightful and rich. We do not always agree with each other, but we respect each others opinions. There will not be a meeting on July 5th.

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Morningside United Methodist Church

PO Box 3076, Salem, OR 97302


Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 7:30-3:30
                        Friday 7:30 -10:30

Ministry Team
Ministers: All the Laity 
Office Manager: Jacque Bailey 
Bookkeeper: Jacque Bailey 
Family & Program Ministry Director: Yajaira Hernandez Trejo 
Chancel Choir Director: Sam Kinney 
Praise Band Leader: Jan Nelson 
Organist: Brace Langenwalter 
Keyboardist: Teresa Stewart 
Custodian: Tim Bulletset 
Childcare: Noemi Morales, Skyler Bailey, Fabiola Morales
 If you need a printed copy of the newsletter, copies are available on the counter in the Narthex.