Morningside United Methodist Church
September 2017
Good News From Your
Morningside Foundation Board
Due to a very generous donation and money from the George Rolph memorial fund, your MUMC Foundation board was able to donate $5,400.00 to fully pay for the east parking lot  improvements. The contractor leveled the area and installed fabric before adding gravel   and compacting the parking lot.  We now have an expanded parking area that is usable in the rainy winter months.  Many thanks to the Trustees for their leadership on this project.
Here is an update of our finances. 

   Endowment funds invested with Northwest United            

   Methodist Church Foundation (NWUMF) are doing 

   well.  As of July 31, 2017, there was $160,196.93 in the          fund.  Earnings are up over ten percent for the year. 


  The checking account with Pioneer Trust Bank has                 $6,630.59, most of which is from memorial giving            ($4,485.00).  These amounts are as of July 31, 2017.


The Foundation board continues to work with the Trustees to help with their projects.  We are also working with the Education Ministry team, as about $3,000.00 of the memorial funds are dedicated to support children's programs and activities.
Your Foundation Board members include Royal Tarter (chair), Kelly Freels, Hugh Nelson, Brigitte Rolph, Caroline Smith, and Phil Wiseman.

 Walk 4 Alzheimer's - September 9th
Team Diane

Come & support the Rolph Family 
Pictures at 10:00, Walk at 11:00

Sign-ups will be after church on Sundays.
Contact Lorie Long,,  503 362-5148

Do You Love to Sing?
If you love to sing, Come sing with the choir. No audition, you don't have to read music.

Just come and join a group of folks that love to sing. First Rehearsal August 31 and every Thursday 7 PM.  If you are just interested in singing our Christmas special music contact Sam for first rehearsal.
Young Adult Meetup

September 6th, 
Wednesday - 6:30-8:30 p.m.
September 20th, 
Wednesday - 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Are you looking for a place to come and chill? Join us for our next two meetups this September as we gather and hang out with one another. We'll also be talking about activities we want to do together as a group. 
Meetings are at Salem First UMC in the youth room (MICAH Building) from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Please invite your friends and bring a dish to share!  If you have any questions feel free to send Pastor Alyssa an  email, text, or call at 541-619-3983. I look forward to seeing you!
Soup Kitchen Report
Morningside members and their friends served 83 people chili with cornbread, barley beef soup, grilled cheese and desserts. Helping and or supplying chili were Antoinette Lawson, Fred Cooper, Gary Patterson Sterling, Alice Suyematsu, Nancy Johnson, Rick Neff, Susan Priest, Janet Adkins, Jannie and JooBee Crossler-Laird. 

The next time we get a chance to serve is October 29, 2017.
Thank you for your support!   Sally Neff
Parent's Night Out 
Parent's Night Out is scheduled to restart in October and continues until May, the 2nd Friday of every month 6-9pm.
To run well and provide the safe, fun and supportive environment it has developed the reputation for, we need some people who are willing to step into that organizational role. 

This organizational team would need to plan the activities and make sure the materials and volunteers needed were available. If you are interested, please let Yajaira know. We would begin to meet at the beginning of September.
In This Issue
Worship Schedule
10 a.m. - Worship
10:15 a.m - Sunday School
11 a.m. - Fellowship Time
Childcare is offered for infants and toddlers from 9:30 -11 a.m. every Sunday morning.

Newsletter Deadline

Thursday, Sept. 14th by 9:00 am
September Birthdays
9/1  Royal Tarter
9/2  David Nelson
9/2  Patty Smith  
9/3  Tom Jewett
9/5  Iris Gibson
9/5  Jan Calvin
9/6  Sally Neff
9/8  Helene Gough
9/8  Randi Evans
9/9  Anni Powell
9/9  Bea Epperson
9/12 Wendy Woodworth
9/13 Mike Johnson
9/22 Emmaline Melton
9/23 Andrew Norval
9/23 Betsy Stuller
9/25 Mike Vollmar
9/27 Barbara Jahnke
9/27 Bruce Nelson
9/28 Chris Watts
9/28 Fran Nelson
9/29 Abby Minahan
9/29 Barbara Lange

Sept. Anniversaries
9/3  Del & Betty Funk  
9/5  Frank & Elisa Reckendorf  
9/6  Royal & Phyllis Tarter 9 /7  Craig & Martha Schreiter 
9/8  Jim W & Kirsten Johnson  
9/9  Glenn & Donna Gross 
9/27 Jerry Perry & Joan Harmsen
9/28  Jim & Jocelyn Smiley

In our prayers are those with...

Health Concerns, Illness, Loss of Loved Ones:

Iris Gibson and Family, Royal Tarter, Gladys Sinanan, John Estelle,  Lyle Dragoo, Lillis Larson, Dick Riley, Glen McCall, Dorothy Green,   Robert Kuenzli, Jerry Perry, Ken Amend,  Joy Willhite, Paula Kent, , Maggie Johnson, and Elisa Reckendorf 
Worship Themes:

September 3 : "Follow Directions - But Why?"
Matthew 16:21-28
September 10: "Sustain Vital Community"
Romans 13:8-4, 
Matthew 18:15-20

September 17: "Forgive From Your Heart"
Matthew 18:21-35

September 24:
Disability Awareness Sunday - Alzheimer's

October 1 : World Communion Sunday
Special Music Guests: Jim & Jean Strathdee
Phillippians 2:1-5a "United in Love"                                             
Pastor Wendy's Summer Reading
One of the books I read this summer was Christian Social Innovation: Renewing Wesleyan Witness by L. Gregory Jones.  I was most taken by the second chapter, "Love Made Me an Inventor: Practicing Traditional Innovation."  We have all heard that the church needs to make changes and be innovative in order to reach new populations of people in these changing times.  It is a task that is challenging, exciting and uncomfortable at the same time. 
The following words that Rev. Jones shared I found most helpful in understanding what he means by "Traditional Innovation."
Traditioned or traditional innovation is a way of thinking and living that holds the past           and future together in creative tension, a habit of being that depends on wise judgement,     requiring both a deep fidelity to the patterns of the past that have borne us to the present and a radical openness to the changes that will carry is forward. Our feet are firmly on the ground with our hands open to the future.
I particular appreciate the bringing together of the past with new possibilities for the future.  May we rely upon God's wisdom and guidance, the example of Jesus and  the presence of the Holy Spirit as we seek to discover just what traditional innovation looks like for us at Morningside UMC and as a part of Open Door Churches.
Blessings, Pastor Wendy
Disability Awareness Sunday, September 24th
Alise Liepnieks of the Alzheimer's Association of Oregon will be our guest speaker during Disability Awareness Sunday worship on September 24th.  Her talk will deal with signs of Alzheimer's, information about caregiving and caregivers, advice about how we can be understanding and helpful to people with this disease, and what we can do to help our own brain health.  She will attend coffee hour following the service and answer questions. 

You will find many helpful brochures as well. During the hour we spent with her, she taught us many helpful things and we found her to be a true delight.  Come and enjoy her talk and the beautiful, lively music with your Morningside friends.  

Deb Freels and Nancy O'Loughlin

Discipleship Classes Finalized
After surveys for what classes, times and places, were completed, Jon Langenwalter has suggested the following:
A Christian Justice for the Common Good at 6:30 pm Monday Evening, beginning October 2nd at Englewood UMC. Leader : Gary Olsen-Hasek 

A Chirstian Justice for the Common Good is also being offered at Morningside UMC beginning Tuesday, October 3rd at 2:30 pm . 
Leaders: Wendy Woodworth & Jan Nelson

The Christian understanding of the common good is much richer than a matter of "fairness." The priorities of human rights and due process are necessary for fashioning a just world, but Christianity calls the church beyond fairness to forms of liberation, compassion, mercy, and peace that are even more radical than the best of twenty-first century justice.  This is a book by Tex Sample, a specialist in church and society, a much sought-after lecturer, storyteller, workshop leader and consultant. 
(7 weeks/$15)
Creed: What Christian Believe and Why at 4:30 pm Wednesday afternoon, beginning September 27th at TrinityUMC. Leader:  Sandy Kimbrow

Adam Hamilton believes that powerful answers to many of our complicated questions are contained in the Apostles' Creed, an early statement of foundational Christian beliefs. In Creed, he explores not only what Christians believe, but also why they believe, and why it matters, which in turn leads readers to confront and examine their own core beliefs and go beyond reciting the Creed's familiar words. Gather with other believers to explore what and why we believe about God; Jesus Christ; the Holy Spirit; the Church as the Communion of Saints; the Forgiveness of Sins; and the Resurrection of the Body. (7 weeks/$16)
A Disciples Path, Monday evening, 6:30 pm beginning October 2nd in the Micah Building next to First UMC. Leader: Jon Langenwalter

A Disciple's Path is an engaging approach to discipleship from a distinctly Wesleyan perspective. This Daily Workbook contains six weeks of daily readings (five per week) that guide participants in learning and practicing seven essential spiritual disciplines: Prayer; Scripture Meditation; Corporate Worship; Small-group Community; Financial Generosity; Gifts-based Service; and Invitational Evangelism. Participants will develop spiritual practices, discover their unique gifts, and become engaged in ministry that brings transformation in their own lives, the lives of others, and the world.  (7 weeks/$12)
Top 10 United Methodist Beliefs on Thursday evening, 7:00 pm beginning September 21st at Keizer-Clear Lake. Leader: Alyssa Baker

There can be no doubt about what Jesus thought was "the main thing," the Great Commandments to love God with our heart, soul, and mind and to love neighbor as yourself. But what were the non-negotiables for the founder of the Methodist movement, John Wesley? Wesley's first priority was to grow Christian disciples who loved God and neighbor with a holy love that keeps those Commandments. Using John Wesley as guide, Top 10 United Methodist Beliefs describes the 10 most important United Methodist beliefs, so that we are equipped for every good work. It also describes how a passionate Wesley can still inspire us to travel the road of faithful discipleship using these basic beliefs as signposts, not hitching posts, so that we can more fully follow Jesus. (10 weeks/$14)   

Open Door Churches News
As part of our communication and marketing strategy, we have been asked to create a message expressing we are and what we are about that is two-three sentences.  The following statement as been developed with an audience of those who are not currently part of our churches in mind. Let Margie Lowe, Rob Chenoweth (our new board member) or Pastor Wendy know what you think.
Welcoming In, Reaching Out
We are communities of faith united in living out our passion to welcome all to grow spiritually and serve our neighbors and world.  Whatever your life story, we invite you to engage with us on this journey. We grow and serve in our daily lives through relationships of encouragement and love.
September 10th our youth and children's 
Sunday school resumes! 

Following Kids Connection children and youth are invited to join an instructor upstairs. Children of elementary school age enjoy a range of activities during a 45-minute session. The curriculum is Deep Blue Kids which encompasses stories, science experiments, arts and crafts, videos, games, food and interactive games!

Youth, middle school and high school age, will continue their ongoing 
discussion of spiritual growth with the curriculum, book and video of 
Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely.
 Lysa shares her personal story of how rejection led her to further embrace
 and strengthen her relationship with God and prayer. 

If anyone is interested in facilitating either children or youth Sunday School for even one Sunday or more, please contact Yajaira, This is a great opportunity to interact and get to know the children and youth that are present at our church.

Youth Group Schedule
September 3rd - No Youth Group

September 10th - Fall Youth Group Kick Off and Potluck, 12:30 - 2pm, at FUMC
all who are interested in knowing about what the youth group has done in the summer and will continue to do in the fall are invited to join us for this Open Door Churches potluck.

September 17th - Youth Group, 12:30 - 2 pm at FUMC

September 24th - Live Action Clue - Field Trip to Tigard UMC
God Gives Us Comfort, Peace, 
Patience and Joy in Peru

This year in collaboration with FUMC we had over 30 children attend our Passport to Peru vacation bible school. During four days with the leadership and guidance of over 20 volunteers we enjoyed a week all about Peru and focused on when God Gives Us Comfort, Peace, Patience and Joy! The children embarked on their journey to learn about a different culture by being shown daily videos of a Peruvian child and songs all led by Fred Cooper and Yajaira Hernandez.
Dawn Geinger and Luis Hernandez led the children in endless games and experiences of the children in Peru, such as a marbles game and water relays while holding water on their head as the children of Peru do. Nancy Brik and Austin Geinger ensured that the children experienced what it was like living on a floating island and learned all about water and its use. Sue Reid and Adrian Ottis shared with the children about Incas life and wildlife in Peru as they created serapes, dance bells, headdresses, spin drums, parrots and llamas. Roberta Moore, Elisabeth Rich read and described our daily bible verses and stories. Lynda Sloan, Aeson Pargas and Alex Gilds treated everyone to plaintain chips, tuna, potatoes, watermelon, cherries, ice cream and endless Peruvian treats.
This could not have been done with our team leaders, who ensured the safety and enjoyment of all of our children. The leaders of our Llamas (Pre-K &K) were Carlee Hunt, JooBee Crossler-Laird and Lupe Hernandez. Our Parrots (1-2) were under the leadership of Lauren,  Deb Freels and Eugenia Hernandez. The Viscachas (3-5) were joined by Braden Shribbs, Nancy Johnson, Rich Reid and Pastor Wendy. And our decorating team of Margie Lowe, Paul Wagner, Lura Morris, Roberta Moore and Amanda Rich.  
A special thanks to Pamella Watson whom added the best gift, bringing two llamas for the children to learn, pet and feed. Pictures of children with llamas were taken, if you are interested in receiving the picture please email
These are a few of our main leaders but we are so grateful to everyone who donated supplies, time, decorations and helped prepare crafts.
During the week the best part was seeing how impacted our children were from the videos, stories and life of people in Peru. Our service project was raising money for Operation Kid-to-Kid who provides sanitary water for Peruvian families. Our children raised over $300 to provide clean water for Peruvian families.  
30th Annual Transformations Prayer Retreat
September 24-29 2017
Location: Suttle Lake
Fee: $365, Leaders: Rev. Kate Conolly and Rev. Michael Powell

The Transformations Prayer Retreat blends contemplation and community.  There are  three worship experiences each day , grounded in daily scripture. Each  morning begins with Holy Communion. At noon we gather for quiet, contemplative  worship. At 5 o'clock we share an interactive worship time focusing on the scripture  that we have lived with during the day. There is ample free time for rest, hiking,  reading, and canoeing on the lake . Kate and Michael will lead evening discussions.

Evening programs will focus on the book, Radical Optimism: Practical Spirituality in an Uncertain World, which describes the value of meditation, leisure, relaxing the body, and keeping silent for a period of time all within the context of the ordinary demands of life, by Beatrice Bruteau.

For registration information, please contac Genev  a Cook, camp registrar: 
503- 802-9213 or .
Upcoming Events
The Yard Angels
We will meet on Saturday, September 9th from 9-12.
 Everyone is welcome to join us.

The Middlers meet Wednesday, September 13th @ 6:45 pm 
Brews & News Adult Education, September 6th &  20th, 
6:30 at Santiam Brewery
Join us for discussions that are always insightful and rich. We do not always agree with each other, but we respect each others opinions. 
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