Morrow Family Medicine December 2017 Newsletter
Happy Holidays From Morrow Family Medicine!

Stay safe this holiday season with these tips!

This holiday season, with all the celebration, parties, presents and food, the last thing on your mind can be safety, and who could blame you? It's an exciting season to be sure, so it's more than understandable when kids of all ages get caught up in the season. No matter how much fun you and your family might be having though safety, especially during this time of year, is always a concern. Everyone at Morrow Family Medicine wants you and your family to have a healthy, safe holiday season and New Year so we have a few tips to follow that might help to keep the fun balanced with a bit of necessary caution.

Let It Snow
With the recent snowfall, the discussion of safety invariably turns there first. Now that things are melting and warming up, it looks like most people played it very safe during Snow-prise 2017. But if we see any more of the white stuff, or any winter precipitation at all, it pays to remember the fundamentals
  • Stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary.
  • Leave faucets dripping to avoid frozen pipes.
  • When venturing outside for a snowball fight, even on foot, watch roads, sidewalks and paths for ice, especially nearly-invisible black ice, to avoid slips and falls. 
After the huge storm a few years back, people in the metro area learned a lot - and quick - about how to deal with winter weather, and the recent wintry blast showed us that most remember those lessons.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry
What else could there be to consider when it comes to holiday safety? With all the eating, drinking and merrymaking happening, food and drink-based concerns are ones to look out for. Food allergies are always present, so knowing exactly what kind of allergies you may be dealing with in your guests is always a thing to know right up front. Peanut and shellfish allergies are among the most dangerous and easily aggravated, so avoiding these foods may be a good idea. If you happen to be the one with the allergy, letting your hosts know ahead of time, as well as keeping your Epi-pen or other medication handy, are lessons you probably learned long ago. 

Beyond that, diabetics need to watch their sugars with all the  sweets being thrown around, and everyone should keep an eye on their alcohol intake. The holidays are a big drinking time, so designated drivers and knowing your personal limits are key to keeping everyone safe this holiday season.

Toy Story
The final safety concern to remember is among the easiest to overlook. With all the new kids' toys sure to be under the tree, checking the manuals for them is something you'll want to skip, but shouldn't. With toys as sophisticated as ever these days, things like cuts, burns and even electrocution are all risks with certain toys. Make sure all the toys you get are age-appropriate and that you know how they work before handing them to the little ones.

A Safe and Happy Holiday
Everyone at Morrow Family Medicine wants you and your family to enjoy this holiday season by staying safe. Taking care as you hurry around the festivities and being watchful over little ones will assure your holiday is fun and bright. 

From our family at Morrow Family Medicine, we wish you a safe, happy holiday season and a wonderful new year.

Merry Christmas!
The Morrow Family Medicine Team

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