Morrow Family Medicine February 2017 Newsletter
Hearts Aren't Only for One Day in February
Let's Get to The Heart of The Matter    
Heart's desire, heartfelt, hearty and hearth; there are so many words, with one word literally at the "heart of matter"...heart. As the romance of the Valentine holiday has passed, the red hearts of the season will be disappearing from store shelves. But in honor of American Heart Month, we want to recognize the importance of our heart for the other 364 days of the year. After all, hearts  aren't only for one day in February and here are few things to think about when it comes to yours.
The Amazing Human Heart 
  • Heart Disease is #1-Heart disease is the top killer for both men and women.
    stethoscope with heart
  • The Adult Heart Beats 100,000 times a day-For an average heart that is 60-100 times a minute. 
  • A Half Dollar-A normal heart valve is about the size of a half-dollar coin.
  • Having a Big Heart-While having a "big heart" is great emotionally, the average healthy heart size is equal to an adult fist.
  • Better Get Moving-A lack of physical activity is a big risk factor for heart disease. It is recommended that adults get at least 150 minutes a week of moderate activity. 
  • The Great Pump-Every minute your heart pumps around 1.5 gallons of blood.
  • Don't Just Sit There-There is building evidence that sitting too much during the day may lead to circulatory issues leading to heart disease.
  • The Winners Are-Smoking, High blood pressure and high cholesterol are the top-three contributors to heart disease. Almost half of Americans have at least one of these health issues.
Have a Heart for Others
While we all can admit that having a healthy heart is crucial to our very existence, it is also important to others around us. So many times we get caught up in all the chaos of our daily lives and forget how much our loved ones depend on the very hearts that beat inside our chests. Heart health takes on a whole new meaning when you think of it in terms of your family's well being.

hands around a heart
Part of living up to your heart and family's good health is making sure you live a healthy lifestyle. 

Engage in a well-rounded fitness program including a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise at least three to five times a week. Maintain a diet that includes a balance of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, healthy fats and whole grains. Cut back on alcohol; cut smoking out all together!
Emotional health can be just as important in maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle. Find ways to reduce stress in your life through activities like yoga, walking and creative outlets(painting, journaling, music, etc.). Getting a furry friend  may not only help to reduce stress and
cardiovascular disease but, can also encourage exercise.

Share Your Heart With Others
Donor Video
Recipient Jessica Melore Meets Donor Family
While many of us share our hearts with our families every day, there is an even greater way to share your heart. Consider signing up to become an organ donor. Currently there are over 119,000 people awaiting transplants and one person is added every 10 minutes.

Unfortunately only three in every 1,000 people die in a manner that allows for organ donation. Just one organ donor can save up to eight lives. However the sad reality is that everyday 22 people die awaiting an organ transplant. Want to help? Become an Organ Donor. 
How is Your Heart?
If you can't answer this question than it may be time to find out. A yearly physical can not only give you a picture of your heart's health but, can also spotlight and more importantly provide treatment, for other medical conditions that can contribute to heart disease.

At Morrow Family Medicine we have a heart for the community and its heart health. Whether it's time for that yearly physical or you have some symptoms that you are concerned about, schedule a visit and let us help you continue to share your heart with others for a very long time. 

Let's get you heart healthy,
The Morrow Family Medicine Team

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