Morrow Family Medicine January 2017 Newsletter

A New Year's Resolution That Works
new year's resolution
       Great Resolutions Don't Always Have to Be About Weight Loss

     Every year on January 1 the health commercials begin in answer to the #1 New Year's resolution, "This year I'm going to lose weight." Then sadly an estimated 73% of these eager resolution enthusiasts never meet their goal. Some people have addressed this failure by resolving to never make a New Year's resolution at all, seen by many as admitting defeat before even starting. But for the mere 27% that do follow through, there are some tips that seem to resonated true with making New Year's resolution that works.
  1. Think About Your Resolution First-What is it that can truly make a difference in you or your family's life? Your resolution can be as easy as committing to make time for a family game night or simply acknowledging your blessings on a daily basis. Avoid resolutions that are half-hearted, they rarely see success. The best kept resolutions come from a desire for real change. 
    New Year's Resolutions Advice from a 4-yr old.
    New Year Resolutions Advice from a 4-yr old.
  2. Get Creative-So many times we feel happiness is only possible through having the perfect body or making more money. That is just not true. Look for creative resolution ideas that can bring pure joy in other ways. Adopt a pet from a rescue group. Take guitar lessons (don't worry about your age or skill level). Commit to taking an in-town trip once a month to a local museum or attraction. Join a hiking group. Read a new book once a month. Many of these ideas will cost you little to no money and will not only make you happy but inspire confidence. 
  3. Chart Your Progress-Keeping a chart of your resolution will not only let you see your progress to keep the momentum going but, it will also keep you accountable. Charting tools can be as elaborate as an Excel sheet or simply writing notes in a spiral notebook.
  4. See Good Health as Mind and Body-Stress has been identified as a contributor to hypertension, asthma and other serious health concerns. Yet, there are ways to combat stress, depression and other negative effects that can lead to increased health issues. A number of U.S. hospitals are seeing good results for patients through the use of the creative arts (painting, music, writing, dance, etc.); try an art course, start journaling or check out a dance class. No time for a class? How about a walk in the woods to boost your body and your spirit.
  5. Start Small, Just Choose One-Resolutions that are huge like losing 100 pounds in a year, while possible are most times unrealistic. If you want to improve your health by making a New Year's resolution start small, making just one change.
  • Commit to only eating out  ONE meal a week
  • Take the stairs ONE day a week.
  • Make ONE dinner a week a healthy, vegetable-only meal. 
  • Park your car ONE row further out each week. 
  • See a doctor about ONE health issue you have been putting off.
     Making a New Year's resolution should not be a chore, but instead a fun way to start the year off fresh with goals to make your life better. While weight loss and getting healthier are important in some cases, making resolutions that help you feel positive and build confidence, in the end are far more attainable. 

Happy 2017!
The Morrow Family Medicine Team

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