Morrow Family Medicine July 2016 Newsletter

  Back to School, Is Your Child Physically Ready?
With the approach of August comes the excitement of preparing students to go back to school. But, before you begin loading up on school supplies and finding that perfect backpack, remember that there are also some important personal care tasks that should be on everyone's "Back to School" list.
Don't Forget To Add These to Your Back to School Tasks' List
Get a Physical
A  yearly physical should be a regular part of everyone's medical care but, it is most important with children. Between the ages of 4-18, children and youth experience dynamic growth spurts. A yearly physical can assure that the body's chemistry levels a re where they should be and that t he bone structure is growing properly. In addition, if a child is involved in a team sport in the Georgia High School Association, you will be required to have a PPE Form , Pre-Participation Physical (Health History) Form before beginning any activity or training.
Hearing and Vision Check
After the initial entry into school (with Hearing/Vision/Dental Certificate, Form 3300), hearing and vision checks are often performed within the schools themselves. These tests (administered on a large scale basis) can however  miss subtle symptoms that a physician would be looking for. It is recommended especially with vision care that your child see an optometrist every one to two years.These exams will screen for changes in eyesight that can affect school performance and cause issues down the road. 

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Wonderful Time of Year for parents

Dental Examination
Nothing is more painful than a middle of the night toothache. Everyone should have a yearly dental exam and teeth cleaning to prevent tooth and gum decay. Those with pre-existing gum or dental disease may need to be seen more frequently (every three to four months). Young adults entering college should also be checked for any potential problems due to incoming wisdom teeth.

Georgia law (O.C.G.A. ยง 20-2-771. Immunization of students) provides that all students entering a public school (or child care facility) must receive immunizations and present a Georgia Certificate of Immunization, Form 3231 at initial school registration.  In addition, students entering college may also be required to receive a Meningococcal (Meningitis) vaccination. 

GRITS, the Georgia Registry of Immunization Transactions and Services, is a web-based registry that tracks all immunization data for Georgians.  All physicians and healthcare systems have access to this registry in the event that there is any question of needed immunizations. Parents may also consult the DPH, Department of Public Health,  Hop to It website for Georgia's current immunization requirements schedule. 

While the enthusiasm for a new school year is upon you do not let it stop with school supplies. Make going back to school a fun, healthy activity as well. Turn the day of your child's physical and dental exams into an adventure. Plan appointments to include a special "Back to School" activity, lunch or shopping day. In the end, the real elation is in having a healthy, happy student ready for a new school year.
If your student is ready to head back to school and is in need of a yearly or sports physical exam, let our caring and professional team at Morrow Family Medicine put them at ease.  For more information, contact us at:  or call us at: 770-781-8004.  

We are committed to your health and well-being. We utilize state of the art technology and old fashioned attitudes to care for all our patients.

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Communication is the Key
Our job is to take care of you and yours to the best of our ability. The key to being able to perform at that level is communication between doctor and patient. At Morrow Family Medicine, we work to keep the lines of communication open at all times. Toward that goal,  we offer a walk-in time from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m . weekdays . In addition,  our policy is to make ourselves available for sick patients on the day they call, not waiting for an open appointment on some future date. After hours, we are available at all times for any true emergency that might arise. Of course, always call 911 for any life-threatening emergencies.
About Dr. Morrow
Dr. James Morrow was the first physician to practice on the Northside Hospital Forsyth campus in Cumming, Georgia. Dr. Morrow's special areas of interest in medicine are sports medicine, episodic care (care of acute problems and illnesses), geriatrics, chronic disease management and urgent care. He has served as team doctor for various high schools in his many years of practice and currently is the team physician at North Forsyth High School in Cumming.

Dr. Morrow serves as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Georgia Health Information Exchange (GHIE) and is a member of the Advisory Board for Health for the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG-Health). In 2014, Dr. Morrow was awarded the Steve Bloom Award by the Cumming-Forsyth Chamber of Commerce as Entrepreneur of the Year, and the Phoenix Award from the Metro Atlanta Chamber as Community Leader of the Year. Morrow Family Medicine was also voted the "Best of Forsyth" in the Family Medicine category in both 2015 and 2016.
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