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Let Us Gather Together
Preparing for a Healthy Thanksgiving
holding hands at Thanksgiving table
Can you believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner? 

It's true, walk into any store and they're already prepping for Thanksgiving. But as we prepare for the wonderful time of gathering together and amazing feasts, it is important to remember that being of good health is an important part of the celebration.

People with diabetes, GERD, heart disease and other health complications that require special dietary needs, face a bigger challenge with holiday parties and family gatherings. An extra treat or high-carbohydrate food can sky rocket a blood sugar reading to a critical point. In addition, overeating can cause uncomfortable acid reflux and stomach issues. 
thanksgiving dinner

While the holidays are a time to celebrate family and friends, it is equally as important to celebrate your health. Not being mindful of your, or a loved one's, dietary concerns can end up with an unpleasant health issue or worse a trip to the ER. 

This Thanksgiving we would like to offer a few tips on how to best make your Thanksgiving meal delicious and healthy. 
  • Be mindful of guests' dietary restrictions. If one of your guests has diabetes or another chronic health disease skip giving them that giant piece of pie. Instead, ask what foods are off limits and keep the portions smaller. Keep the butter to a minimum when cooking and choose healthier fats and spices for seasoning. Plan ahead and offer healthy dinner options to balance out the high-carbohydrate offerings at the Thanksgiving table. Include a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables prepared without all the butter, sugar and high fats. has wonderful diabetes' friendly recipes that are guaranteed to be crowd pleasers.
  • Keep your turkey the healthy option. A turkey is not only a tradition on the Thanksgiving table but also one of the healthiest foods. Skip the deep-frying and roast your turkey instead. Baste your bird with the natural juices instead of lots of butter and cooking oil. Always remember when cooking a turkey to practice good safety habits. Visit the CDC page for tips on handling and cooking your turkey safely. 
  • Get some exercise. The weather is great this time of year! Plan some family activities for the day to balance out the heavy meal. Try a fun game of touch football, take a family walk and encourage the kids to explore the outdoors.
    Thanksgiving-The Blindside
    Thanksgiving-The Blindside
  • Don't let stress in. While having family and friends around can be joyful, it can also add to stress. Do not let the busyness of the holiday take over. Spend some time reflecting on what the holiday means, giving thanks. Let others help with the meal by making it a potluck. Keep conversation stressors to a minimum; dinner time is probably not the best time to discuss politics! Remember that your loved ones are coming to see you, not your home so don't feel obligated for it to be perfectly spotless. Relax, enjoy a great holiday movie and some conversation with your family while you have everyone captive in one place. 
With a little planning, some consideration and a lot of humor, your Thanksgiving can be joyful, stress free and healthy. 

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Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

If you overdo it this Thanksgiving season, the Morrow Family Medicine team is here for you.  Contact us at:  or call us at: 770-781-8004.

We are committed to your health and well-being. We utilize state of the art technology and old fashioned attitudes to care for all our patients.

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In honor of Domestic Abuse Awareness Month, the MFM team would like to invite you to join us as we collect items for the  Shelter of Love. Please feel free to drop off donations at either of our 2 locations during normal business hours. Donations will be accepted until Nov. 12.
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We would like to introduce you to Elizabeth Howard - Practice Manager

About Elizabeth Howard - Practice Manager
Elizabeth Howard

Elizabeth has over 10 years of experience as an athletic trainer and EMT and over 6 years of  experience as a Clinical and Business Manager in the physician's office setting. She has worked at  Morrow Family Medicine since its inception, in both clinical and administrative positions. She enjoys gardening and the great outdoors. Georgia is a part of her, and her family has been here for many generations. We are very fortunate to have her with us. Her kindness and  personality are representative of the patient care we want to provide here at Morrow Family Medicine.

Schedule an appointment with one of our physicians today and   meet Elizabeth Howard. Find out why Elizabeth is a great member of the Morrow Family Medicine team.
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