Morrow Family Medicine October 2016 Newsletter

You Ready for Some Fall Fun?
Enjoying the Autumn Season Safely

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Autumn Fun, Fall Safety
It has officially arrived, the season of fall. The pumpkins have finally appeared at the grocery stores, the hay bales are coming out and pumpkin spice everything is abounding. Families are eagerly making plans for corn mazes, pumpkin farm trips, fall festivals and of course Halloween. However, in the midst of the fun and planning for this wonderful autumn season, it is important to remember a few fall safety tips so that the fun does not land you in the emergency room. 
  • Slow Down - Whether trekking through your favorite corn maze or walking the square in Dahlonega, take it slow and enjoy the experience. Most fall injuries occur when we become distracted and fall over simple, overlooked obstacles on the ground. Also remember while those beautiful, colorful leaves add to the excitement of the season, when it rains they can become slick to walk on.
  • Pay Attention - When driving those curvy, mountain roads to Burt's Pumpkin Farm it is easy to become distracted by the beauty of the majestic North Georgia Mountains. Keep your eyes on the road, not for just yourself but for other drivers as well. DO NOT FORGET to put the cell phone away while driving. The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year!
  • Enjoy The Bounty - If ever there was a time to
    fall vegetables
    eat healthy and enjoy the earth's bounties, it is fall harvest time. Pumpkins, nuts and corn are among the many healthy and tasty foods you can purchase affordably and experiment with in a number of recipes. Visit the Georgia Apple Festival in Ellijay and try out a variety of apples that are sure to delight your palette. Remember "an apple a day, keeps the...," well you know what we mean. 

   * Special note for those who are living with Diabetes, remember to watch your sugar. With all the fairs and festivals sporting everything from fried Snickers to caramel corn, it is tempting to go overboard. 

  • Wash Your Hands - Not only is washing your hands important for cutting down the transmission of colds and flu, but it also can halt bacteria that can cause infections; E. coli and
    petting zoo
     Salmonella are two of the major offenders. While petting zoos are a definite part of the fall fun for children, exercise caution. 

 Farm animals can carry zoonotic diseases that are transmittable to humans, especially small children and pregnant women. You can easily take precautions against these diseases by washing your hands for 20 seconds (sing the Happy Birthday song twice).

  • Don't Overdo It - Autumn is about getting outside and enjoying the season with family and friends. But, like all good things it is easy to overdo it. Between tailgate parties, pumpkin trips and apple picking it is easy to turn fun into stress. Do not over schedule your weekends. Choose the events that will generate the best opportunities for memory making and if you miss one orchard on the mountain drive don't sweat it, there are many more around the corner. 
There is no better place to experience all that autumn has to offer than the North Georgia area. With a little preparation and an easy-going att itude you can rest assured your fall fun will be both a memorable and safe experience. 
As always however, if you overdo it and find yourself in need of medical assistance  for a "fall" injury or illness, the Morrow Family Medicine team is here for you.  Even, if you do eat "an apple a day"  to keep us away.   Contact us at:  or call us at: 770-781-8004.  

We are committed to your health and well-being. We utilize state of the art technology and old fashioned attitudes to care for all our patients.

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Jaime Kutter
We would like to introduce you to Jaime D. Kutter, PA-C

 About Jaime D. Kutter, PA-C - Physician Assistant

Jaime Kutter is the most recent addition to the clinical staff at MFM. She is rejoining Dr. Morrow, having been his physician assistant in the early 2000's. She has extensive experience in family medicine, women's health, internal medicine and a wide range of clinical areas. Having practiced in Forsyth County for many years, Mrs. Kutter is already known to many of you.

Schedule an appointment today with Jaime Kutter and find out why she a great member of the Morrow Family Medicine team.

A special note about Halloween safety.

As many of our community's children and adults get ready for this spooky holiday, it is important to remember that many accidents occur on Halloween night. 

Here are just a very few simple reminders to stay safe on Halloween:
  • Children are twice as likely to be hit by a car on Halloween night. slow down and watch for trick-or-treaters crossing roads. Children should be encouraged to stay on sidewalks and pathways at all times. No child under 12 should be out without adult supervision.
    candy in pumpkin
  • Parents always check your child's Halloween candy before allowing them to eat. Limit the amount of candy to a very few pieces to avoid that Halloween morning-after stomachache.
  • Adults choose a designated driver when attending parties who will abstain from drinking alcohol. Also be careful to avoid the urge to text and drive which can be equally as dangerous.
  • Select costumes that are safe to maneuver around in. Choose face paint over masks that can obstruct you or your child's view. Make sure hemlines are above tripping height. Use reflective tape so children can be more easily seen. 
For more tips on keeping Halloween safe visit

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