Mortenson Center Digest - May 13 , 2019
Program News
Congratulations Graduates!
A hearty congratulation to the following Mortenson Center students who are graduating and those moving on to earn their PhD:

Ryan Beil: MS in Environmental Engineering
Naomi Chang: MS in Environmental Engineering
Rachael Dobosiewicz: MS in Civil Engineering
Christopher Frishcosy: MS in Civil Engineering
Anisha Lamsal: MS in Environmental Engineering
Emily Moore: MS in Environmental Engineering
Rebecca Walsh: MS in Civil Systems
David Zelinka: Professional MS and PhD in Civil Systems
New Student Representative - Matthew Falcone

Matthew Falcone is the new student representative for the Mortenson Center. As representative he will work to further cultivate the Mortenson Center's culture of fellowship by mentoring the next generation of Global Engineering students, increasing the frequency of social events and improving student communication networks. Matthew will also serve as a voice for the students through communication with the Executive Committee. Matthew says, "Our greatest strength in the Mortenson Center is our capacity for open communication, collaboration and peer mentorship. . . .I am a proud member of the Mortenson Center and am honored to serve as the student representative."  
We are happy to have you!
NSF Graduate Research Fellow Awardees

The Mortenson Center is pleased to announce that Matthew Falcone has just won a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF GRF) and PhD student James Harper has won a NSF Honorable Mention. 

Matthew Falcone is a first-year Environmental Engineering and Mortenson Center student.  His research addresses the challenges of ending drought emergencies both internationally and domestically. He intends to leverage his NSF GRF funding to develop innovative and impactful solutions to complex water challenges.

James Harper, PE is a PhD student in Civil Engineering specializing in Civil Systems and Engineering for Developing Communities. He is funded through the Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) Fellowship and is working in Cambodia and Bangladesh on fecal sludge management.
Nicollette Laroco Wins Fulbright Grant

Mortenson Center student Nicollette Laroco is an Environmental Engineering doctoral candidate. She has been offered a Fulbright grant to study and conduct research in Barcelona, Spain. She will contribute to the work of an internationally recognized biogas research group with the goal of developing a novel approach to biogas purification. Current purification methods are limiting the recovery of this valuable resource due to their energy intensive nature and high capital operational costs. Nicollette's Fulbright will contribute to improving environmental impacts and energy recovery in both developed and developing economies worldwide. 
Congratulations Casie Venable!

Mortenson Center student Casie Venable is being awarded the 2019 USAID OFDA HFHI Shelter and Settlements Fellowship. She was selected for her proposal to study friction between local understandings of safe shelter and expert assessments of safe shelter in the Philippines, as well as for her commitment to working with humanitarian shelter and settlements organizations to develop strategies that can address these challenges. 
Chayla Rowley Wins Fulbright Grant

Former EDC student Chayla Rowley was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to attend Dublin City University for a year in Ireland. She will be completing a Master's in Refugee Integration, which she plans to focus on the integration of refugee children via STEM-based activities. 

A U.S. citizen of European and Choctaw (indigenous) descent, Chayla grew up abroad before finding her way to the CU Boulder. She completed a BS and MS in Civil Engineering with a focus on developing communities. She went on to work for the US Government in the CO Rockies to conserve natural resources and to promote civil rights. In her spare time, she engages young women in leadership and self-confidence building activities, volunteers for immigrant and refugee organizations and promotes and encourages American Indians in the STEM fields. While she is in Ireland, she will also be exploring the historic ties her Chahta ancestors have with the Irish. 
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Have a great summer!
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