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February 2015

Happy Tu B'shvat   

Mosaic would like to wish you a very happy "New Year of the Trees". 

Tu B'shvat falls on Wednesday, February 4.      

Many contemporary Jews look upon Tu B'shvat (February 3 - 4, this year) as a Jewish Earth Day, a day for contemplating our ecological heritage.  Our heritage is rich with inspiration about protecting the earth and conserving natural resources.  


As Mosaic members, and as lovers of the outdoors and nature, we are examples of "Jewish Outdoor Enthusiasts" to our wider community. Tu B'shvat is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our basic Jewish teachings and think about how our actions might serve as models and inspiration for others.


Here are some questions we might ask ourselves, our shuls and community organizations that reflect the directive against waste and can have very positive effects on the earth:

*          How can we stop using disposable plastics? If not, can we reuse the plastic?

*          Do we recycle at every opportunity?

*          Can we seek opportunities to buy items made out of recycled materials?

*          Can we buy fresh fruit & vegetables in bulk (vs. packaged in bags or trays)


May the sweetness of the fruits you eat to observe Tu B'shvat reflect the sweet feeling we get from knowing that our actions can have a ripple effect far larger than we can ever imagine!

Source: Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D. , Professor Emeritus, College of Staten Island.

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