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7 Tevet, 5773 (Dec. 20) Issue 7313

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All in the Family

And Joseph said to his brothers, "I am Joseph, does my father still live?" And the brothers could not answer him because they were afraid of him. (From this week's Torah portion, Vayigash, Genesis 45:3)

When Joseph asks if his father is still alive, he is obviously not seeking information. His brothers have mentioned their father numerous times and he knows that he is alive. When Joseph asks if his father is alive, he is asking if his family still lives. Is the message heralded by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – the message of perfection of the world under G-d's kingdom that will be brought to the world by the Nation of Israel – is that message still alive within the family, or is it only my role to keep that spark alive?

The dreams of Joseph's youth were not just meaningless distractions. His father took them to heart. When the brothers threw Joseph into the pit, it was clear that they were no longer brothers and that the family unit had been sundered. And when Joseph rose to greatness in Egypt, he could easily have concluded that he was the sole bearer of the message of his forefathers.

This explains why Joseph did not send messengers to inform his father that he was alive immediately upon attaining his lofty status. Joseph understood that he had to complete the realization of his dream and to bring his father and all his brothers to Egypt. He understood that the next stage in the history of the future Jewish Nation would unfold in the Land of the Nile. He also understood that his family remained united to herald the message of the Forefathers – forever.

Since the Six Day War, Israel has been trying to solve its identity crisis through its neighbors. "We will make peace and then everything will work out here." But more and more, the realization that the solution to the challenges facing us must come from within our family and within our Land is becoming crystal clear.

Shabbat Shalom,

Moshe Feiglin

The Feiglin Platform (Part 3) : By Moshe Feiglin
Israel's largest newspaper, Yediot Achronot, recently asked
Moshe Feiglin to write his manifesto for the State of Israel for the next
four years. Read Parts I and 2 here .


Gaza: Revoke the Oslo Accords
There is no solution for Gaza if we do not understand that we are not colonialists and that Israel is our Land. I oppose endangering our soldiers in a ground assault on Gaza if we intend to subsequently exit the area. The fact that Israel continues to provide electricity and cash to those who target its citizens is completely unreasonable. Israel must engage in a Defensive Shield type of operation in Gaza (editor: in which Israeli forces re-captured areas of Judea and Samaria from which Oslo had dictated that they retreat) destroy the Hamas, restore security to southern Israel and return to the infinitely better situation that we had there prior to the Oslo Accords. Ultimately, Israel must relate to Gaza as it does to Judea and Samaria.

The Arabs of Judea, Samaria and Gaza: Permanent Residency
The Land of Israel is our Land and we will never leave it. Israel must declare sovereignty over all parts of the Land that are in our hands, as the Likud Charter requires. Israel's Arabs enjoy all rights – even more than Israel's Jewish citizens. The Arabs living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza can be offered permanent residency status. This status will afford them full human rights and most of the services that the State of Israel gives its citizens. It will be forbidden to do to them what we did to our own brothers in Gush Katif. Israeli citizenship will be granted to those non-Jews who have tied their fate to Israel and who have proven their loyalty to the State. Those Arabs of Judea, Samaria and Gaza who insist on voting for a parliament may do so in any one of the 22 amazing democracies that the Arab Nation has established since World War I.

The Iranian Threat: No Foreign Involvement
One lesson of the Holocaust is that negation of the victims' legitimacy precedes actual physical destruction. The Holocaust of the Jews of Europe did not begin in 1939 when the war broke out. It began in 1933 when Hitler became chancellor of Germany and, as head of state, began to espouse his threats to destroy the Jews. When the war broke out, a question mark already hovered over the right of the Jews to exist.

When the leader of a sovereign nation prepares to destroy Israel and publicly declares his intentions, he negates our legitimacy. This is the correspondence that we see between Ahmadinijad's hate speeches and the accelerating process of de-legitimization of Israel in the Western world.

It is a fatal mistake to involve the world in the Iranian issue. If the world solves the problem, Israel will always be forced to pay for the right to breathe air on the face of the earth. He who threatens to destroy us loses his own right to exist. Think of how many lives would have been saved if the free world had understood this and killed Hitler before he embarked on World War II.

America: No Foreign Aid
Israel should have foregone American foreign aid long ago. The foreign aid that Israel receives from America amounts to 4% of its GNP. Israel exports to America approximately one third more than it imports.

When America carries a debt of 16 trillion dollars, it is not reasonable that a much better-off country like Israel should expect donations. Israel's relationship with the US should be based on common interests and values between strategic partners.

Israel must demand the release of Jonathan Pollard and expel the US spies who fill our country.

We Still Have a Long Way to Go
My election to the Knesset is an important stage in the journey that began with the establishment of Zo Artzeinu and continued with the establishment of Manhigut Yehudit and our integration into the Likud. I do not know what role the Prime Minister will offer me. I am particularly interested in a position of influence in education, housing or security. But any position that will foster my efforts to advance the liberty, Jewish identity and meaning of the Jewish State are relevant.

My insistence on advancing my agenda from within the national ruling party was not the easy route to the Knesset. I could have been a Knesset Member long ago with a sectoral party that has no influence. In the face of the relentless zigzagging of Israeli politics and the embarrassing paucity of ideas in the ideological marketplace, my political opponents can also benefit from the contrast that my ideology provides.

I intend to help the Likud, the government and the Prime Minister – who I greatly respect - as much as possible. When the time comes to elect a new leader for the Likud, I plan to run once again in order to advance the Jewish liberty alternative for leadership of Israel.

The Slippery Slope Into Totalitarianism: By Moshe Feiglin
8 Tevet, 5773
Dec. 21, '12

The distance between the average American and Newtown, Connecticut is much greater than the distance between the average Israeli and the place where approximately 200 people are slaughtered every day: Syria. Nevertheless, the slaughter perpetrated in Syria (and other places in the world) by people who are legally armed by their state doesn't really interest anybody. What shocks the enlightened world, including Israel, is not the millions slaughtered by states, but rather, those exceptions to the rule in which individuals - not regimes – perpetrate the slaughter.

The authors of the American constitution wrote a document about as close to perfection as is humanly possible. They understood well that the first stop on the path to slavery is to rescind the citizen's right to defend himself, leaving him alone, helpless and vulnerable to the 'kindness' of the regime. Wherever a regime has become totalitarian, its first step is to disarm its citizens.

We automatically assume that the state is a responsible power acting, first and foremost, for the benefit of its citizens. We feel good thinking that there is a big brother out there with whom we can deposit the responsibility for our fate. When a shocking shooting spree like Sandy Hook takes place, nobody seriously checks what violent films children are watching. Nobody talks about training armed citizens to prevent more of these insane shootings. The easy solution – the solution that does not require taking responsibility – is to deposit arms and responsibility in the hands of the state.

In Israel, the gun licensing procedure is more logical than its American counterpart. Nevertheless, the state tends to prevent its citizens from carrying arms. This is another expression of the ongoing erosion of human rights that began with the Oslo Accords and intensified with the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif.

It is easy to slide down the slippery slope of totalitarianism. The loss of the ability to protect oneself is the loss of liberty.

Letter: Likud or Jewish Home? By Shmuel Sackett

Dear Shmuel,

What you YOU done to stop the expulsion from Ulpana? Nothing. What have you done to get the Levy Report translated to English and adopted by Likud? Nothing.

You have been in Likud for many years and the world STILL thinks we are illegal occupiers. Hopefully Beit Yehudi will change this because Likud HASN'T.


Dear L.,

It is important to understand that Moshe Feiglin and I did not start "Manhigut Yehudit" to stop the expulsion from Ulpana, adopt the Levy report or even to build more houses in Jerusalem.

We did not begin this major undertaking to stop the settlement freeze, help Migron or even end the dream of a Palestinian state.

We started this in order to grab the reigns of leadership away from those who think that Israel is a Hebrew speaking Singapore.

Unlike others who are constantly running to extinguish one fire after another, Manhigut Yehudit is there to ACT and not REACT!

Yes, it is a slow process but one that – eventually – will insure that Israel will become a strong and proud Jewish state.

When that happens, questions like the Ulpana and the Levy Report will be ridiculous.

Please do not misunderstand me; It is also important to fight for the issues I stated above and we praise – and even help – those organizations who fight those battles.

It is just that I must state loud and clear that this is not OUR focus.

Never was, never will be.

Our focus is taking away the control of leadership from those who are guiding Israel on the wrong path – which ultimately leads us to the problems you stated.

Our plan is to cure the disease at the SOURCE and not just the SYMPTOM.

I hope this is clear.

Thank you for your question.

-Shmuel Sackett

Co-founder and International Director

Manhigut Yehudit

Jabotinsky, Feiglin

This caricature was penned by talented cartoonist Shai Charka after Moshe Feiglin was elected to the Likud roster. It appeared in the Makor Rishon newspaper. The man in the picture frame is Jabotinsky, founder of the Herut (Liberty) part that eventually became the Likud. After decades, the Likud finally has a strong advocate of Jewish liberty, following in Jabotinsky's political footsteps. Jabotinsky would have been proud.

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