How Contra Costa County Citizens Play an Important Role in the District's Efforts to Reduce the Risk of Vectors of Disease

Mosquito Control is in Our Hands and Yours
On occasion, Contra Costa County residents who have moved here from other areas will comment that they used to see plenty of mosquitoes, but here, they never do. We like to say that's because we work hard to protect public health and reduce the number of mosquitoes and other vectors of disease. But the real answer is--protecting public health is a job we do together. 

The first thing county residents can do  to protect public health  is let us know what you are seeing by requesting service.

The Contra Costa Mosquito & Vector Control District provides public health services to reduce the risk of harm or disease from mosquitoes, ground-nesting yellowjackets, rats, mice and skunks.  If you are experiencing mosquito bites, for example, then request our District service for mosquitoes.   

Integrated Vector Management

The District provides public health services by using an ecosystem-based strategy known as Integrated Vector Management (IVM). IVM is a way to focus on long-term prevention of the insects and other animals that can cause harm or spread the causative agents of disease by using a combination of techniques  including:
  • Vector Surveillance: Monitoring vector populations and analyzing their risk of disease transmission
  • Physical Control: Eliminating harborage and habitats for mosquitoes
  • Public Education: Encouraging citizens to dump out standing water to prevent mosquitoes from having a place to lay their eggs
  • Biological Control: Using mosquitofish to eat young mosquitoes while they are developing in the water before they can develop into adults capable of biting us
  • Chemical Control: Applying bacterial products and selective insecticides to reduce the number of young and adult mosquitoes and ground-nesting yellowjackets, and rodenticides to control rats and mice that threaten public health
By using this multi-faceted approach to address vector-related issues, it's clear--one size does not fit all. That's especially true when one of our District employees respond to a request for mosquito service because there are  23 known species of mosquitoes in Contra Costa County alone. With that many different species of mosquitoes, providing a sample of the mosquitoes that are biting you is extremely helpful in locating the likely source. 
The District does not make appointments for our mosquito inspection service and you do not need to be home at the time of the inspection. You may not actually see a District employee, but rest assured, we are hard at work in the neighborhood, locating the source of the mosquitoes--and that source can be on your property or nearby. That's why i n addition to requesting District service for your own property and providing a mosquito sample, county residents can also help protect public health by:
  • Dumping out standing water to prevent mosquitoes
  • Reporting neglected swimming pools to the District because one neglected swimming pool can produce thousands of mosquitoes that could increase the risk of West Nile virus for an entire neighborhood  
  • Reporting a dead bird because West Nile virus actually starts in birds and dead birds are often the first sign of West Nile virus in a neighborhood
In 1926, the people of Contra Costa County voted to create what has become the Contra Costa Mosquito & Vector Control District--an important partnership to protect public health which continues today. After all, mosquito control is in our hands and yours.
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