March 2020
Dear AMCA Members:

As you all know, due to concerns over travel and large assemblies due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the AMCA Board of Directors decided to cancel our Annual Meeting, scheduled for March 16-20 in Portland. While in retrospect the decision seems like an easy call, the board acted before any prohibitions from federal, state or local agencies. Bottom line, as public health professionals it became clear that the right decision for our members, partners, and the general public was to cancel the meeting, despite adverse financial impacts.

Since then, the AMCA Board of Directors and staff have been working to reduce adverse financial impacts from the cancellation. If you or your organization would like to consider foregoing your refund to help AMCA offset this loss, please contact Evan Wise at

We are disappointed we didn’t have the opportunity to visit personally at the Annual Meeting. However, as a way to honor the contributions of invited presenters and industry partners, AMCA is planning to host several elements of the annual meeting virtually.

  • AMCA Membership/Governance Meeting on April 22
  • AMCA Memorial Lecture – Honoree: Lucas Terracina by Scott Willis (speaker) 
  • Individual presentations on website and/or in Wing Beats

Please watch for further information concerning these virtual engagement opportunities.

2021 Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City
We hope you will join us in Salt Lake City, March 1-5 and make AMCA’s 2021 Annual Meeting the best ever!
AMCA 22nd Annual
Washington Conference Canceled
Given the current and projected health risks associated with COVID-19, Congressional staff are not accepting regular office visits. This, and restrictions on meeting size led the AMCA to cancel the 2020 Washington Conference. However, when Congressional offices reopen, AMCA will be there to advocate for public health preparedness. AMCA leadership will work with our representation in D.C. to plan a targeted effort supporting our federal funding initiatives. See the legislative tab of for details as they emerge.
Legislative and Regulatory Update
PESP Survey Extended Deadline - April 7, 2020

Please follow this link  to complete the PESP Survey or forward this email to the appropriate employee at your agency for completion. It generally takes about 5-15 minutes to complete, depending on your program.  
Since 1997, the AMCA has maintained the Gold Level membership - the highest tier of partnership - in the EPA's Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program by annually demonstrating our continued commitment towards this goal.  The data collected through this survey will be compiled, then submitted to the EPA to demonstrate how our members are participating in Integrated Mosquito Management (IPM) activities that reduce the risks associated with pesticide applications. This survey is a great way to promote our commitment to protecting human health through IPM practices.  
Please take a few minutes to complete this annual survey and highlight the good work our mosquito control organizations are doing! Your contribution to the survey makes a difference and helps us to remain a Gold Level PESP Partner.
Gabrielle Sakolsky
Chair, PESP Subcommittee
Register for AMCA's Webinar!
Introduction to Keystone Virus Biology

Thursday, April 9, 2020
1:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)

Presented by:  John Lednicky , PhD, Environmental and Global Health, College of Public Health and Health Professions, University of Florida - Gainesville


We recently reported finding Keystone virus (KEYV) in a teenager with fever and a diffuse skin rash. The virus is considered a neglected virus; there has been very little new information about KEYV that has been generated since the 1960s. Preliminary studies performed at the University of Florida in year 2019 indicate that residents of North Central Florida have antibodies that recognize KEYV. We have now initiated a study along with collaborators from the Anastasia Mosquito Control District to gain insights on the occurrence and distribution of the virus in mosquitoes trapped at selected sites in Northern Florida. These studies reveal that the virus is still in circulation in certain populations of Aedes atlanticus mosquitoes. Nucleotide sequence analyses of the first virus isolates are in-progress and already reveal additional surprises.
Outline of talk:

  • Discovery of Keystone virus in a patient
  • Background information: Keystone virus
  • Gaps in our knowledge of Keystone virus
  • Studies to expand knowledge about the natural biology of Keystone virus: What are its hosts, and what is its geographical range?
  • Up-to-date findings
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The AMCA Research Fund is currently accepting contributions for future research on mosquito control and related topics. 

Contributions can be made online or by check payable to: 

AMCA Research Fund
One Capitol Mall, Suite 800
Sacramento, CA 95814
A quick shout out to the Young Professionals Committee for all the work they do and the dedication they poured into planning all of the YP events for 2020.

-Kristy Burkhalter, AMCA Young Professionals Director

Anyone with 5 years or less experience in a mosquito-related field (student, mosquito control, government, industry, etc) is eligible to join!
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