SCW Spotlite: Issue 10
September 1, 2019
Enjoy this biweekly buzz about all things fitness. Fitness Pros are always on the go, so we’ll leave the “Lite” on!
10 Most Effective Facebook Posts
Personal Fitness Professional (PFP)
Advice on how to post, when to post and what to post on social media can feel overwhelming, especially when social media can be a time-suck. If we look to some of the most visible fitness professionals in our industry, we begin to see valuable patterns we can apply to our own businesses so that social media becomes an effective extension of our services, our brand and our value.
Not Too Fast: Is Intermittent Fasting All It’s Cracked Up To Be?
Sam Roth
An increasingly common trend in current diet advice is advocacy of a fasting-mimicking diet or, as it is better known, Intermittent Fasting (IF). Claims made about IF range from fat loss and increased energy all the way to combating cancer and diabetes while increasing longevity. If these prove to be true, IF is potentially a powerful dietary intervention and we should look into it.
From Back Row to Group Instructor
REB3L Fitness
Read about one woman's journey through the fitness world. After battling injuries, tears and plenty other obstacles life had thrown her way, hearing music pour out of a group ex room set her on a path that would take her from the back of the class all the way up to becoming an instructor.
Moroccan Chicken Burgers Keep You on the Right Nutrition Track
Lexi's Clean Kitchen
Wanting to stay on your nutrition plan over the holiday? Then try these Moroccan Ground Chicken Burgers, they're packed with flavor and make for the perfect light chicken burger! You’ll love them paired with this delicious simple sauce. All while keeping to your macros and plan!
Will Late Night Snacking Derail Your Fitness Goals?
Florida State University
We've been told for years that eating snacks at night before bed aren't processed fast enough and will lead to fat gain. New research out of Florida State University is shedding new light on the matter for active women. Turns out, things might not be as we've always been lead to believe...
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