Are Your Payer Contracts the Reason for Declining Revenues?

We often find that the reason behind declining revenues doesn’t have to be discovered – it’s right there in plain sight in your payer contracts.

The Importance of an Accurate Payer Matrix (Dashboard)

Too often we discover physician practices that not only don’t have ready access to their payers’ contracts but also do not have a payer matrix. Too many have not had their contracts renegotiated in years, sometimes never.

A payer matrix lists key financial data for each payer, allowing providers to understand the true value of their contracts and how they stack up against each other, among many other benefits including precisely-timed, data-driven contract renegotiations.

Fortunately, longstanding patterns of poor attention to contracts can be broken and your CodeToolz Contract Analyzer is here to do just that. You’ll be more informed and in a much better position to compete and thrive.
The primary mission of CodeToolz is to help medical providers increase their revenue. It’s as simple as that.
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