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Issue #13 - October 2015
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Finally! The past several months have been spent trying to get results loaded so you had more results and athletes to compare. We were going really fast to accomplish this and weren't taking the time to test our more efficient programs. We worked on these programs in September and October and they seem to be working appropriately.  Meet results from the WMA Championships and National Senior Games are much more accurate now. 
Most Improved Ranking Award Leaders
An exciting concept: the leader board will change dramatically each month! There are so many athletes competing this year and we are still working through the significant backlog of results to insert. We will figure out a better way to list the scores so you can know how close you are to the leaders 

Ranked Athlete Spotlight - Lesley van Buuren, RSA
Masters Race Walking lured Lesley in 2004 when she joined a club so she could exercise with others.  Being exposed to the race walking technique for the first time encouraged Lesley to try the sport herself and she switched clubs in 2007 in order to be mentored and coached by the great Barbara Nell. 10 Gold and 3 Silver Medals in 3 WMA Championships plus many other accomplishments later, Lesley is now an inspiration to many herself (even if she inspires young athletes because they do not want to be beaten by an "old lady"). She also shares her enthusiasm and passion with other masters athletes and while developing young walkers. Lesley is a fixture in the World Masters Rankings but, much more importantly, she is a fixture in Masters Athletics - Thank you Lesley!
What happened with ___________?
Photo by Craig Godwin
Nothing is forgotten or lost. Here are some statuses and updates:
By the Numbers & Meets in Rankings
Since the last newsletter:
  • 26,388 performances added (676 submitted by athletes)
  • Representing 8,915 athletes from 103 nations
  • 2,556 newly listed athletes
Major Meets in Rankings:

There will be many more this month since we are getting caught up.  Have results that are not in the rankings yet?  Click here to submit complete meet results. 



Now that we've fixed the programs, changed some database structures and finished some other improvements, we'll get back to responding to your notes much sooner - sorry for the delay. We literally have thousands so it still may take some time but we will get to all the notes, meet results and online posts.  
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