Volume 68 | July 29, 2019
Most Kentucky Cattle to Require
RFID tags by 2023
The Kentucky Office of the State Veterinarian has announced that the federal government will require most Kentucky cattle to bear a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag in the next few years.

“By 2023, only RFID tags will be considered official identification,” State Veterinarian Robert C. Stout said. “The U.S. Department of Agriculture is requiring the RFID tags and phasing out metal tags to improve our ability to trace animal movement quickly and efficiently in the event of a livestock disease outbreak. A strong traceability system is absolutely essential to maintaining open overseas markets for Kentucky and U.S. cattle.”

Animals that will require official, individual RFID tags include:
-Beef cattle and bison that are sexually intact and 18 months or older;
-Beef cattle and bison used for rodeo or recreational events (regardless of age);
-Beef cattle and bison used for shows or exhibitions;
-All female dairy cattle; and
-All male dairy cattle born after March 11, 2013.
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In the News
WI DNR Secretary Doesn't Expect More Rules to Manage CWD
The state has been struggling with the disease since it was first detected in 2002. In an interview with WPR, DNR Secretary Preston Cole said $2.6 million is set aside each year in the next budget for research and operations related to the deadly deer disease, including efforts to establish more kiosks and dumpsters for deer carcass disposal and testing. 

Catch Up On BRD
Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) remains the most common and costly health problem for beef cattle producers, and progress sometimes seems elusive. Research continues though, and veterinarians have a growing inventory of tools and strategies for minimizing losses associated with the BRD complex on feedyards, ranches and dairies.
New TB Tests Could Enable More Cow Vaccination
Skin tests that can distinguish between cattle that are infected with tuberculosis (TB) and those that have been vaccinated against the disease have been created by an international team of scientists. The traditional TB tuberculin skin test shows a positive result for cows that have the disease as well as those that have been vaccinated against the disease.

Learn More About WLIC!
WLIC was founded in 2001 through a partnership with CRI, Cooperative Network and the Wisconsin Farm Bureau, after the Foot & Mouth Disease Outbreak in the United Kingdom started the conversation about the impact of a disease outbreak in Wisconsin.

The founding partners decided to develop a consortium to comprise all livestock species and agriculture interests throughout the state.

The startup funding was obtained through a grant administered by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) as a pilot project, and was supported by former Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl and former Congressman Dave Obey. WLIC was tasked with developing a state-based model for livestock premises registration and traceability.
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