"We Must Develop a Self to Express"

Cameron, Julia (2009-08-29). The Artist's Way Every Day: A Year of Creative Living (p. 145). Penguin Group. Kindle Edition.

I am encouraging you to take one of my classes or workshops to develop your artist self. The experience of learning, sharing, trying something new....expands us! And besides,  according to Julia Cameron "Art may be the finest form of prayer. Making art is quite literally a path "to our Maker." In the act of creation, the creator reveals himself or itself to us and we, too, are revealed to ourselves as something of the divine spark from which we ourselves are made. It is this primal fact of connection, artist to artist, Great Creator to us as creator, that the truest sense of our own identity is born. We make art not merely to make our way in the world but also to make something of ourselves, and often the something that we make is a person with an inviolable sense of inner dignity. We have answered yes when our true name was 
Cameron, Julia (2009-08-29). The Artist's Way Every Day: A Year of Creative Living (p. 151). Penguin Group. Kindle Edition.

An Artist Date: 

This month I plan to go to Plaza Art Supplies and see what is new.  Is there an art supply store near you?  Give yourself an hour to explore....maybe leave your credit card at home...or not.  What is your artist date going to be?  Email Me

I also plan to go to the zoo with a friend and my sketchbook!  :0)

Gratitude:  The root of energy and healing, the praise song which opens the heavens wide...

This month is a thankful shout out to Framecraft of Warrenton, Live An Artful LifeĀ© Gallery, Jason Horejs of Art Business Academy and Xanadu Gallery

Studio 4 Linda Workshops begin!  For a full listing go to my website 

When my studio is open you may sign up to attend!  Friday and/or Saturdays   

"Pet Portrait Workshop"

"Open Studio"

"Acrylic Adventure"
This week we will begin with MOSTLY YELLOW paintings.  What makes a mostly yellow painting pop? 
Join me and see!

Reservations are required...
let me know if you'd like to attend!

Gallery Representation
Live an Artful Life Gallery in The Plains Virginia 
is representing me.  The Gallery is full of amazing gift items created by craftsmen and fine artists from around the country with an emphasis on local talent.  I am delighted and honored to be a part of their stable. Click Here to find out more about the gallery. 

Framecraft of Warrenton
Pet Portrait Fun
"Drake" 20" X 16"
Now  is a good time to think about Holiday Pet Portraits! 
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