Join us for a special evening with

A Peace Blessing with Vedic Chanting
Be Moved Studio/ Lawrence, Kansas 
Sunday May 13th, 2012
music begins at 6pm 


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 The Satsanga Event is a time of celebrating our shared humanity, harmony and joy. In this up-close and inspirational session with Maya, we learn to apply the profound intent of ahimsa (inner harmony) to awaken awareness of love, healing, joy, and wellness.  You are invited to vigorously enjoin this celebration with chanting and dancing as Maya's mellifluous voice swells hearts in the powerful celebration of our peace.  Accompanied by local musicians, Maya's wisdom shaktifies the very soul of peace. A Darshana (Blessing), held at the end of each event concludes the event in every community.

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Hosted by Be Moved Studio
2 E. 7th street 
Lawrence ks 
contact: Laura Martin-Eagle 

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