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Greetings! :

Hello friends & family of Cornerstone. May has arrived and we are still under the "Covid-Lockdown". Although there seems to be some hints that some restrictions may be lifted to test the waters, we are still being told to stay at home and maintain our physical distancing. As a high functioning introvert, even I am beginning to find some of the restrictions a little challenging. I keep threatening to visit my sister (and by that I mean me staying outside and she staying indoors) and make faces at her and dance on her front lawn! That's a lot for an introvert! The point is, I miss seeing her even if for just a quick cup of tea & a gab. I also miss coming to the store and seeing everyone popping in and out, as well as having tea with Lisa and the other staff members while we go about our shop duties. I miss seeing all the beautiful artwork our lovely artists have created, that currently grace the walls and shelves of the store that are so inspirational and made with great energy and love. But until told otherwise, we will continue to "behave" for the sake of everyone, to limit the impacts of this virus on our most vulnerable people.

Mother's day is rapidly approaching. Being in Covid-lockdown doesn't mean we can't show our appreciation for our mothers. If you usually shop our store for something lovely for your mom, it doesn't have to stop! We are featuring daily on FB & Instagram, "Mom inspired" picks! If something strikes your fancy then give us a call or an email and Lisa will make it happen! We offer curbside pick up and if you need it shipped we will help you with that too! A second option is getting your mom a Cornerstone gift card! This gift can be sent either to you or directly to mom (or picked up curbside), so that she can come in when restrictions are lifted to browse and pick out something for herself on you! Either way, we are happy to help! The store number is 613-546-7967 & our email address is:

For the second month in a row, we are sad to say that we do not have a featured artist wall :( Jan Fitch from Wolfe Island was scheduled for May but she has kindly accepted a re-schedule for September. I thought it was only fair to give you a little sneak-peak of the amazing work she does. We are looking forward to her September show!

Marissa Sweet has generously re-scheduled her 1-day class for Sunday October 4, 2020. Call the store at 613-546-7967 to reserve your spot. When we know for sure that the class will run (that we are allowed to be open from the Covid-lockdown), we will then process payments. I would ask that you are committed to coming when you reserve your spot as there are only 8 openings and 2 have already been spoken for.

Other store happenings include the launch of our new website and on-line store. We have this scheduled for Monday May 11 if all goes well. Thanks to local company BentoSMB and in particular, Kelly, for hand-holding us through this process. We moved our entire site from the Wordpress platform to the Shopify platform so that we could combine the shopping part with the rest of the website. This will make things easier for us to mange on many levels! We were able to do this with a grant that we received form Digital Main Street, so a big Thank You to them! An additional big thank you to store manager, Lisa, for all the behind the scenes set up that she continues to do. Initially we are only going to sell gift cards as wecontinue doing the uploading of photos and tagging of artwork that is required. Gift cards will be 2 types: One that you can buy & use on-line and the second is a physical card that you purchase and we will mail out to you (or to the gift card receiver) so that they can purchase in-store when we re-open. I cannot tell you the boatload of work just getting to here has taken. New product will continue to be uploaded regularly, so check back often!

Lisa is planning to do a spring window change-up soon as well! Because of the virus and how busy that this and the on-line store has kept Lisa, our winter theme has overstayed it's welcome! I am not able to share with you what the theme is because even I do not know! Shhhhh it's a secret! Lisa thought it would be nice for people going out for walks to look at something new until the time we are say it's safe to come in and shop.

We want to extend our gratitude to the Baker family in Kingston for leaving "Kindness Rocks" throughout the downtown and on walking trails. They made a beautiful kindness rock of us and we are grateful that they thought of us. Messages of hope and inspiration are colourfully painted on rocks and carefully placed for people to see. Sometimes something so small can mean such a difference in a person's day and take their mental health up a notch in an otherwise stressful time. Thank you for being so inspiring and for reminding people that all the stores downtown are still here and will be here once we are given the green light to re-open safely. During the rest of the pandemic and into the future we ask you to remember to "shop local".

The Victoria Day long weekend is coming up and to be honest I am not sure of event happenings at this time. I doubt there will be the usual fire work displays that are attended to by large crowds. I am suspecting that any celebratory events will be televised. At this time, we are even being asked to refrain from going to the cottage, however I am feeling that that decision may be changing soon! If you are able to by any fireworks for personal use please ensure that you use them safely and remember how frightened pets can become at the sound of them exploding. I personally look forward to a time when laser light shows replace the burning of materials for fireworks. (Noiseless, repeatable, movable, beautiful and safer and make for happier animals at home and in the great outdoors)

Lastly, we would like to offer our sincere condolences and sympathies to our Canadian friends and families in Nova Scotia. In addition to dealing with Covid-19, their lives have been shattered not once, but twice over the past couple of weeks, with the mass shooting deaths of 22 people and the Armed Forces helicopter crash in the Mediterranean Sea that took the life of Nova Scotians, Sub-Lt. Abigail Cowbrough, Sub-Lt. Matthew Pyke and Captain Brendan Ian Macdonald. Sadly, we also offer our sympathies to the family and friends of the other members of that crash that included Canadians, Captain Kevin Hagen from British Columbia, Captain Maxime Morin-Morin from Quebec, and Master Cpl. Matthew Cousins from Ontario.
All of these brave people who lost their lives from both of these tragic events will not be forgotten.

In the mean time, please continue to reach out to each other and offer kindness, love and support to the frontline people who are keeping us safe, fed and healthy and to support the friends and families who are reaching out to do groceries and run errands for the rest of us who remain in self isolation or self distancing. Please continue to follow us on Instagram, FB & Pinterest to keep up on the latest news from us. Share our newsletters so others can sign up,and share our social media posts too. Hang in there with us and let's be there for each other. We will be checking phone messages and email messages, and social media inquiries periodically. Please be patient for us to respond.

From our heart to yours,
Penny & the staff at Cornerstone
ZIA piece
In case your missing the store....
Photog and friend of Cornerstone, Chris Morris, took some amazing 360 degree photographs of the store. Perfect if you need a "Cornerstone Fix"!
Featured Local Artist - Postponed
This is the second month that we are not having a featured artist :( We had hoped to have artist, Jan Fitch, up for the month of May however, Jan has kindly accepted to come back in September when the store WILL BE OPEN!!! In the mean time, I will show you a few samples of her work so that you will be full of anticipation for her upcoming show! From wall art to jewellery (Pins & earrings), to hand-made paper pieces, Jan's love for all things birds is evident. If you like Jan's work feel free to call us and we will let you know what we have in stock now.
Zentangle Classes
Zentangle is a meditative art form that uses a series of repetitive patterns to create unique pieces of art that may be completed within 20 -30 minutes. Zentangle can be taught to children (7 & up), adults and the elderly to help create focus, relaxation and the sheer joy of creating even if you "can't draw!"

I am a certified Zentangle teacher and I will be happy to teach you this art form. While we won't be scheduling classes at the moment, we will most certainly be doing that again in the future!

(BTW... Those coloring books that you see? A lot of those are based on Zentangle! Wouldn't it be great to create your own pages to colour?)

If you want to join our FB group please click the link below . We welcome beginners too!
Every Tuesday is Tangle Tuesday where I post a new tangle I have done or new ideas for tangling. Group members are encouraged to post their tangles too but this is not required. This month we are doing a tangle a day challenge. The list is posted in the group so join up and try it out!!!

We have just started the group so that we can get together. People who like Zentangle here in Kingston please Join, Post & Share. We are working with coming up with a schedule where we can meet monthly at a the store to tangle and share ideas. We are open to ideas and just looking for a fun, relaxing way to hang out and do some Zentangle. It's a great stress reliever for times like this and time passes by quickly!
A Moment of fun......
Our woodworker friend, Robert Knox, shared this video with me the other day at precisely the moment I needed cheering up! In fact I teared up (in a good way!) This is a cute Mamma Mia/ Abba (and somewhat female oriented) Covid-isolation parody. It may be a little long, but I invite you to watch until the end to see the credits. Enjoy!
Mother's Day Alternative Gift
We know how challenging it is to be celebrating Mother's Day this year (or birthdays) in Covid-Lockdown. I know because I had a birthday that happened last month... In case you aren't able to figure out what to buy or how to arrange for pick-up or shipping, may we suggest our in-store gift card. This way you can still give the present that everyone wants.... to shop at Cornerstone! Gift cards come in denominations of $10.00, $20.00, $50.00 and $100.00 and you can buy multiples to make the amount you want to give. These are available now (just call the store and we will get right back to you) and on May 11, 2020, they will be available on-line to buy along with the on-line shopping gift cards. We are helping to make your shopping dilemmas easy-peasy!
Sky, Land & Water - Class with Marissa Sweet
We have unfortunately had to cancel the class that was scheduled for May 23. Although I am sad :( ...

Marissa has graciously offered a new date!!!!
(We love you Marissa!)
Sunday October 4, from 10 AM -5 PM.

Here is the very talented, award-winning and lovely, Marissa Sweet. Now we can add television star to her growing list of accolades! We are excited that she is coming to our "Little Shop On The Corner" to teach another class with a new piece. This step-by-step class will have Marissa revealing some of her amazing painting techniques. I love the new piece (see below). It reminds me of spending time with my BFF Laurie at her parents home on Lake McKellar in Parry Sound...... ahhhhh those were the days! Spaces are limited to just 8 and 2 are already taken... Yes - one of them is me! Join us for this fun day. Call the store at 613-546-7967 to reserve. Registration fee is $155.00 and includes lunch from a local restaurant. (Soon you will be able to register on line too)

Here is the class description & materials list!

Sky, land and Water
By: Marissa Sweet SCA
Description: Learn to portray sky, land and water by using bold colours and loose impressionist strokes. Students will learn by following step-by-step on how to create a captivating landscape. Instructions will be based on Marissa’s techniques of painting, but with freedom to move and develop your own style.
Supply list:
1 - canvas or gesso’d wooden board 16” x 20” or 16” x 16”
Paint Supplies :
Colours : Acrylic paint in heavy body
- Red : Alizarin Crimson
- Ultramarine Blue
- Yellow: Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, Naples Yellow
- Titanium White
- Burnt Sienna
1 – jar Golden Regular Gel, small bottle - retarder
1- Palette Knife – Medium and small sizes
Brushes, ½” 1” in flat or filbert,
Important supplies: Palette paper, paper towel, Water container
Notebook for notes
• Option: easel
Option: Students can use (below) for a small charge of $35 to be paid directly to the instructor:
1) paint colours
2) brushes
3) acrylic Gel and Retarder  
Kindness Rocks and the Baker family
The Baker family is helping make Kingston a brighter place! See the article from The Whig here:
A Taste of What's In Store.....Helping You Out For Mother's Day!
What's coming.... A sneak Peak at the spring hats.....
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