The Last Sunday of Chapel Season...
A Mother's Day to Be Remembered
Mother's Day Worship Sunday May 12, 2019
Rev. Zachary Hancock, preaching
Ken Hall has put together an extraordinary music
program for Sunday featuring "3 Fiddlers"
and a Christina Trulio /
Kate Markowitz original
"Cleaning the Closet"
with Bob Hasty, Tom Bowling, Jordi Kleiner, Christina Trulio,
Dave Huber, Greg Rockingham and Ken Hall
Meditation @ 9:00 am
Worship @ 10:00 am
Coffee Hour @ 11:00 am
(child care from 9:00 to 11:00 am)
Join the Hall Family Meal Train
Scott & Lauren Hall were blessed with twins this week - Colton Maddux Hall 6 lb 1 ounce and Ryder Phoenix Hall 6 lb 12 ounces - seen here with overjoyed grandparents Ken and Chris Hall. Now with 4 children ages 4 and under, they could use a bit of help - which is what the folks who are the Community Church are going to do! (this is exactly the same program we provided Zach and Lydia when Francis was born), Just click on MEAL TRAIN LINK and choose a date you'd like to deliver a dinner meal to the Hall family, who live in Lake Forest a few blocks southwest of Lake Forest College. All the info is on the link - if you have questions, please feel free to contact Zach via email Thanks so much for your help! 
As the Hall family celebrates the gift of Colton's and Ryder's lives, our church family would like to give the gift of new life to others through our outreach partner
World Bicycle Relief. If you'd like to participate, click
HERE and simply indicate the amount you'd like to donate and World Bicycle Relief as the fund. Thank you!
Worship on the Beach
Begins NEXT SUNDAY May 19
The Community Church begins our 17th year on the beach a week from Sunday! We meet at Sunrise Beach in Lake Bluff, with two services being held each Sunday at 8:30 & 9:30 am. We offer communion for all who are interested at 8:25 am prior to the first service, and in between the two services at (about) 9:20 am we have coffee and treats for all to enjoy. Also, Zach will lead meditation prior to the first service at 7:45 am - please note a little bit later of a start!. Please park wherever you can above the beach - Scranton (south side of street only) and Center both provide opportunities. If you need handicapped parking or have special needs and must park at the beach, please see below (contact Pam). See you on the beach - Tom preaches at our first service with music by Terry "Beach Boy" Moran.
Meditation Opportunities This Week
Sunday - Reid Hall, 9:00 am
Wednesday - JOB (Jessen Office Bldg), 6:30 am
Wednesday - JOB, 9:00 am
Friday - JOB, 9:00 am
Let's Garden Together!!!
Lake Forest College
Community Garden
This gardening partnership between Lake Forest College and the Community Church will benefit the food insecure this summer. It will be led by Community Church volunteers and Lake Forest College students, faculty & staff. The garden behind Glen Rowan (Glen Rowan is across Sheridan Road from the College Chapel). We are hoping to get this going ASAP, and will need experienced and novice gardeners willing to jump in and help make this happen! If you are interested in participating at any level please contact Zach ASAP
Special Needs Parking - The Beach
As most of you know, Sunrise Beach in Lake Bluff where we hold our services only has a handful of parking spots available those with handicaps or special needs. We've collaborated with the Lake Bluff Park District to create a system where the church manages the parking spaces during the times our services are held. If you need to use a handicapped or special needs space at the beach:
* please email Pam Campbell and tell her (a) you need a beach parking pass and (b) which service you typically attend
* we will provide you with a laminated beach pass that will allow you to park at the beach during the service.
If you have questions, email Pam or call 847.234.8191. We are looking forward to a spectacular beach season!
Yes! The latest "Babbling Bohemian" podcast featuring our good friend and artist Mark McMahon is now online. Check it out via the podcast link on your smartphone, or go to our website & click HERE.
You also do not want to miss podcasts featuring musician Christina Trulio (singing an original this Sunday) and beloved artist Kay Waltman. And, who do you think might be next from our church & community...
Food For Thought From RenewalWorks
The Rev. Jay Sidebotham - the former Rector at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Lake Forest - is the Director of RenewalWorks and a dear friend to a number of folks in our congregation. Frankly, I wish that I had gotten to know Jay - who now resides in Wilmington, N.C. - better during the time he was in town. At any rate, he writes a piece each Monday to which I subscribe (you can, too, click HERE for info). I've taken the liberty of including a portion of his message in this week's newsletter, because Jay does a nice job sharing a few thoughts that fit with my sermon last Sunday, and because I think it may be worth your time to read it "just 'cuz!" (You should also know Jay is a cartoonist).
* * * * *
Can you tell why, as preacher and teacher and Christian, I like this cartoon? Think about that question: Has it ever occurred to you that you might be wrong? It's an invitation to the virtue of humility for sure. It's an admission that we all fall short at some point. We are each limited, much as we hate to admit it. It's a call to compassion, an invitation to be gentle with each other. It's a challenge to be a learner (another word for disciple) recognizing that we don't know what we don't know. It provides motive to offer and ask for forgiveness. It gives opportunity to express transparency and vulnerability, which can be the most effective community builders. All of which could be helpful in our current political and religious climate. All of which might be a welcome dynamic in households, churches, neighborhoods, conversations about the news.

It makes me think about how we humans have been mistaken about so much over the course of history, how we have operated for centuries while being wrong. The folks who wrote the book of Genesis imagined that the sky above was really like a big dome, with the waters of chaos above as well as below. Scientists were punished for positing the earth might not be the center of the universe. Explorers thought the world was flat. Lewis and Clark we're convinced that they could follow the Missouri River to the Pacific, so they ended up canoeing the mountains. (I commend a book called  Canoeing the Mountains , by Tod Bolsinger. It's a book about discipleship, actually.)
We've been wrong about stuff that has caused great suffering.

Looking in the collective rear-view mirror, we now see that we have been wrong about slavery, about gender roles, about other religions, about identity and orientation, all of which has had tragic implications, inflicting injury on people who differ in all kinds of ways. It makes me wonder what we're wrong about now, and how future generations will look back on us and think: How could we have possibly thought that? How could we have acted that way? Or not acted.

On the same day I recently gave a talk on cartooning, I gave a homily at a service observing the feast of St. Philip and St. James'. One of the readings from the day came from Isaiah 30. (Included above) It suggests that in the journey of faith, we may not really know what we're doing or where we are headed, but it is a call to trust. The Lord says to the faithful: Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it."
Later in the Bible, in St. Paul's famous hymn about love, the apostle notes that we now see through a glass darkly, that we know in part. In other words, we could be wrong.

All of this is to say that righteousness is not about being right. How could it be when we're wrong so much of the time? Rather, it is about being rightly related to a God who invites us into deeper relationship, and who speaks over our shoulder saying: This is the way, walk in it. This week, how might we explore that life of humility, vulnerability, transparency? How might we open ourselves so that we might be learners, mindful that we don't know what we don't know?
Did You Know About The Gallery Opening?
Ken's Korner
This Sunday an extraordinary music
program for Sunday featuring
"3 Fiddlers"
and a Christina Trulio original
"Mother's Day"
with Bob Hasty, Tom Bowling, Jordi Kleiner, Christina Trulio, Dave Huber,
Greg Rockingham and Ken Hall

Mark Your Calendars

May 10 : Suede & Friends live at Little Tails Bar & Grill in Lake Forest 8 pm.

May 12 : Special Mothers Day service with the Three Fiddlers Bob Hasty, Jordi Klein and Tom Bowling, along with drummer Greg Rockingham, bassist Dave Huber and the premier of a song dedicated to the memory of her mom by Christina Trulio.

May 15 : Wednesday at 7 PM Bob and Jane Miller perform the following with the CLC Concert Band:
An American In Paris by George Gershwin
Sinatra in Concert by Jerry Nowak
Where Never Lark or Eagle Flew by James Curnow
Air For Band by Frank Erickson
The Immovable Do by Percy Grainger
Overture On An Early American Folk Hymn by Claude T. Smith

May 17 : Terry Moran live at Little Tails Bar & Grill in Lake Forest 8 pm.

May 19 : Bob Hasty conducts the Highland Park Strings:

May 25 : The Love featuring Derrick Suede Stout will be on the patio at Teddy O’Brian’s in Highwood starting at 9 pm.

May 31 : Suede & Lynette live at Little Tails Bar & Grill in Lake Forest 8 pm.

June 2 : Be Kind Chicagoland Kindness Walk with music at the afterparty by Dana Lawrence Gillis

June 21 : Look out for a house party with Pierce Pettis - more info to come!

June 30 : Foodstock on the Village Green in Lake Bluff starting at 4 pm.

September 21st and 22nd : Arts for Alzheimer’s at Barbara’s Bookstore in Vernon Hills.