Mother's Day Blues
Never heard of it? Neither had I until the term came to mind while finishing my morning walk. Mother's Day can be a bittersweet holiday, especially for those who have lost their mother, are childless, or who have outlived their children, as several of my friends have. 

Mother's Day makes many women feel loved and appreciated, but others feel despondent and angry for a multitude of reasons. I spend Mother's Day in both categories. When I'm having a bad day and feel myself slipping into self-pity, I seek activities that will make me happy. Eating copious chocolate bars doesn't count, however a nibble or two can't hurt. I find walking helps as does reading a good book or spending time in the garden. Also, the simple act of smiling, not to mention a good belly-laugh, can help turn things around. I've heard laughing lowers cortisol levels and increases the production of dopamine, and all sorts of goodies that make you feel happy. 

I had a fabulous mother and grew up wanting to be just like her.  Since she was such a terrific cook, I decided to center this giveaway around the kitchen, the way my upcoming book comprised of three novellas does. Although    An Amish Christmas Kitchen: Three Novellas Celebrating the Warmth of the Season  is available for preorder, I don't have a copy in hand yet to include in my giveaway.

Please enter to win this darling Amish-made apron from Lancaster County and a copy of one of my signed books. Either Starting from Scratch, A Letter from Lancaster County; or one of 3 books from The Legacy of Lancaster County Trilogy - Leaving Lancaster, its sequel, Pennsylvania Patchwork, Forever Amish; or A Portrait of Marguerite. US and Canada only. Winner has 3 days to respond.

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Warm Wishes,


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A Letter from Lancaster County

" While Kate Lloyd writes Amish fiction, I don't read her books for the Amish setting but because she touches my emotions with her heartwarming stories.
- Pat, Huntsville, AL, 5 Star Review


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