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In the dark world of the Brazilian streets, children, toddlers and teenagers search trash cans for food, steal knives to protect themselves at night, and live in fear of being beaten or even killed by the police. For these desperately needy children, nothing was free - until they encountered the love of Jesus through the compassion of Jeannette and Johan Lukasse.
This young Dutch couple asked God if He could use them to do something about the immense suffering they saw in the world.  What followed the Lukasses' step of faith is a stunning example of how God miraculously uses the surrendered lives of believers to transform the lives of others with His hope and healing.

Pages:  224 (paperback)
Ages: 14 +  

"Slowly the boat pushed us forward, away from certain shipwreck, and gained the upper hand in its struggle against the surging current. The victory did not spark spontaneous celebration; rather, we spent the next moments in a trembling recovery."

Kent, an American, and Josephine, an Australian, journeyed to an unfamiliar continent and set out to live on a riverboat deep in the jungle. With their four young children and ministry team, they served on the Purus River in the Amazon, bringing education, health care, and the love of God to remote communities. The result is an unforgettable story of sacrifice, adventure, and transformation.

Pages:  256 (paperback)
Ages: 14 +  
Releasing Your Children to the Lord

- What does it mean to give our children back to the Lord?
- How can a family's lifestyle prepare children for a life of service?
- When, if ever, should parents intervene when kids are in risky situations?
- How can parents give up rights to their children internally so as to surrender them to God externally?

As a mom, Gunila Baumann knew there would be dangers in allowing each child to fly far away from home, but she also knew that the safest place for them to be was in the center of God's will.  In this compelling story and concise guide, parents receive inspiring insights and principles for releasing their children to the Lord's service-from the early teens all the way to adulthood and beyond. 

Pages: 192 (paperback)
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