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In an ever increasing world of uncertainty and unrest it pays to have peace of mind by having a definitive incident management plan.  Edwards FireWorks system is designed to help you monitor your facility and properly execute your incident management plan.  The FireWorks platform can be installed on a dedicated life safety network or on a facility's network backbone to offer the tools needed to monitor, control and address emergency situations. Edwards technology securely gathers, consolidates, disseminates and displays data, and controls key points throughout a facility or campus. The system will color code and prioritize simultaneous emergencies and will support custom audio messaging to reinforce an emergency action plan.

The platform will offer up to five customizable viewports that can display maps, images, event lists, event actions and browser options. The platform is compatible with third-party networks and employs top-of-the line products for mass notification such as the HyperSpike loudspeakers.  HyperSpike delivers amazing clarity and range while maintaining a small physical size.  If you want to take your incident management plan to the next level contact EES and allow our staff to design a system specifically for you needs.

[Information written and provided by Alex Zsoldus.]

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It is a difficult decision to make when determining whether or not to place an elderly parent in long-term care nursing facilities. Sometimes decisions can be made over several months as the slow decline of a parent takes place. Other times choice have to be made relatively quickly after an immediate incident such as a stroke. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are always an option yet the uncertainty of the amount of skilled nursing and attention that their family members will be receiving can be somewhat disturbing. To help with this decision making process, it is nice to know that skilled nursing facilities all across North Carolina have incorporated Jeron nurse call systems into their nursing techniques.  Jeron Spectrum 760, for instance, incorporates a staff patient sequencing mode in which the controlled annunciator directs staff members to the next patient that is in need. It also has a room status mode in which the status of each room is easily displayed by LED indicators to let staff members and family know when a doctor, nurse, or nurse's aide is present in the patient's room. Many programs have data collecting technology that will allow family members to see when the patient made a call using the nurse call system and the time in which medical assistance was actually provided. 

Although making the decision for elderly care is not an easy choice, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one has the option to call for assistance when needed, and receive assistance within an adequate amount of time thanks to the partnership between Jeron Electronic Systems and Edwards Electronic Systems. We are thankful as a company to be able to provide this life changing technology and services to  individuals across North Carolina.


Michael Edwards, President and CEO
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