Mother's Mini-Message # 14 - Surfing Rough Seas 

Mother's Mini-Message # 14

Surfing Rough Seas

My dear children, I am here to assure you that we are watching over you as you go through these last throes and gasps of the desperate cabal.  Our Lightworker children are under attack from every direction, even as the enslaved workers from the underground bunkers are streaming into the Temple of Light.

Some call to Kathryn or Christine, using their theme song, "Hit me with your best shot..."  Just a few minutes ago, Kathryn heard the song and asked who wanted to come to the Temple.  She heard, "I will tell you who I am after we are safe in the Temple of Light."  So Kathryn said, "Come on!  Run for it!"  She then saw a family, mother and father carrying their children and holding other little ones by the hand, running for their lives down the angelic corridor, into the Temple, safe and protected.  He turned and said, "I am the one who runs the nano program.  I directed them to attack you."  Kathryn said, "Then call off your dogs!"  He agreed, and also agreed to send out the word for all to come to the Temple of Light.  

He and his family are now with us, being restored and healed, along with many of the underground workers who had originally been kidnapped as babies and forced into working for the cabal.  This latest defection was followed by a tremendous wave of sound frequency attacks.  We have warned our beloved daughters that this afternoon would be extremely difficult, and I want to warn all of you, too.  Kathryn volunteered to send out this message to help her and all of you to remain steady and resolute as we ride out these latest vicious technological manipulations.

You may be wondering why we are allowing these painful attacks to continue.  I will try to explain the multi-layered meanings at play here.  Dear Lightworkers, know that we are buffering the attacks to reduce their impact on you.  As it is, it is difficult.  Many of you may be feeling nausea, aches and pains you didn't know you had, and worst of all, feelings that are stirred up when your fight or flight buttons are pushed.  

These are deliberate neurological activations, brought on by the frequencies being broadcast by the extensive cabal systems.  They are now falling back on their last ditch strategies, which include automated programs that engaged when workers leave their posts, and personalized attacks by the ones who are the most damaged and vengeful and are now in charge.  They have learned that their managers and slaves are "jumping ship," and they are furious.

Now, let me offer you a bit of training in how to ride out these attacks.  Let us use the example of the best way to surf in rough seas.  I have always loved surfing in your oceans and swimming with the dolphins, so I can tell you first hand, there is a good way to approach the waves, and a not-so-good way.  First, face the oncoming wave.  Do not try to run from it or avoid it - you will be swamped, tumbled, and drawn out into the surf.  Instead, plant your feet, watch the approaching wave and just before it breaks, dive directly into it, and swim hard out into calmer water.

Kathryn reminds me that the same is true when you are taking off in an airplane.  You must always take off into the wind, and the wind will lift you safely into the sky.

You see, you will not be hurt, because you have taken command of the elements you are moving through, and you are not allowing yourself to be buffeted about.  Use that technique with these rough patches you are swimming through now.  Know that you are strong and competent, and if you get hit in the face by an incoming wave, don't take it personally.  You are charging headlong into the new day, and you are succeeding admirably.

Now is the time for courage, stamina, faith and perseverance.  Remember - we have your backs, and we are watching you, our champions.  It is like watching an Olympic competition where everyone achieves a 10 on every attempt.  We in the Company of Heaven are playing a theme song as we cheer you on, and we hope you are hearing us singing it with all our might, "Did you ever know that you're my hero..."  

Your courageous actions are allowing the documentation and realization of what the cabal really intended.  Our daughters in the Temple of Light are experiencing and understanding in a very deep way just how their methods work and what the intended effect is.  This is a necessary part of ending the reign of terror - some of you must walk through it to finish this chapter of your long-standing contract, and to then demand its end.  Because of our agreements, and because this was a primary timeline for Earth, it cannot be done any other way.  You will learn in depth what all this has meant when your mentors arrive to tell you the true history of Planet Earth.

Be resolute, Dearest Ones, and lock arms with your beloved comrades as you march forward together, across the rainbow bridge that leads to us, where we beckon to you from the other side of the thinning Veil.  You are on the path to your triumphant Ascension.  

I am your devoted Mother, cheering you on.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 19, 2015, 4 pm EDT

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