Made Us Smile
Heading to New York anytime soon? Check out LA Times food columnist Lucas Kwan Peterson's excellent review of New York's "vastly improving ... scrappy culinary scene". Great recommendations here!

(How long do you think it took readers to make the connection that it was published on April 1?)
A slice of "pizza," a fascinating food popular in
New York. ( Dani Maczynski / New York Daily News)
Good to Know
Have you Heard?
To say we're excited to try the VIP movie experience at the newly opened Park Royal Cineplex would be an understatement. 11 screens, 4 of which offer VIP seating with food and beverage service, and - best of all - no need to cross a bridge to get there!

P.S. In with the new and out with the old, as it goes; in case you haven't heard, with the new Park Royal location open, the Cineplex on Esplanade has now closed.
Something to Try
Two Rivers Specialty Meats is our family's regular go-to for sourcing ethically and sustainably raised products, so I'm not sure why it took us so long to try their eatery, The Shop, at 180 Donaghy Ave, North Vancouver. We popped in after a weekend bottle depot run across the street, and were pleasantly surprised by the sunny patio and the varied menu ranging from the expected (burgers) to the unexpected (ramen bowls). (Options for vegetarians can be found but are, perhaps not surprisingly, limited.)