Made Us Smile
MIT Technology Review's story about the the hipster effect (why anti-conformists end up looking the same) is interesting. Even better is this CBC As It Happens interview about the guy who threatened legal action because he thought the stock photo of a hipster used in the story was him (spoiler alert: it wasn't).
The Hipster Effect: Confirmed
Good to Know
Refinery 29 59 thinks it's time to change the conversation around aging, and we couldn't agree more. They've put together a series of articles about aging and ageism, with the goal of sharing "honest and intimate stories that shine a light on the unique ways in which we all live and age". If you're looking for inspiring women, you'll find them here.
Changing the Conversation
Around Aging
Have you Heard?
There are good arguments in favour of ending the time change, and the Premier says B.C. might do away with it - if Washington, Oregon and California are also on board. Fingers crossed...

In the meantime, don't forget to set clocks forward one hour this Sunday, March 10!
Goodbye Daylight
Saving Time?
Tried It
My dislike of ironing and inability to remember the dry cleaner meant I never wore half my blouses. Then I picked up this travel steamer on Amazon and it has been a game changer. It's inexpensive, easy to use at home or when traveling (small enough to pack, even in a carry on), and does the trick in no time.