Made Us Smile, Through Our Tears
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is showing the world what real leadership looks like. Rather than merely voicing empty platitudes, this working mother world leader is demonstrating real compassion and action in the face of terrible tragedy. If you would rather skip the wall to wall media coverage and talking heads, consider following @khaledbeydoun who has carefully documented the photos and biographies of the victims.
Good to Know
In light of the crazy college admissions scandal this week, move over helicopter parenting and say hello, snowplow parenting. Some affluent parents now are more like snowplows than helicopters: machines chugging ahead, clearing any obstacles in their child’s path to success, so they don’t have to encounter failure, frustration or lost opportunities, sometimes even to criminal extremes.
Have you Heard?
The irony of the recent cultural emphasis on living calmer, more mindful lives, is the onus to demonstrate you're living your best life is becoming a source of stress in itself. Despite an increasingly confusing, crowded and com-modified marketplace of solutions, research shows it comes down to common sense health habits such as a supportive community, good sleep habits, healthy eating and exercising. And probably reducing screen time and regular mediation. No silver bullet but at least you can safely ignore the continual marketing of gimmicky products.
Tried It
Another great solution to tackle the ever present weeknight what's for dinner conundrum: Well Fed, a North Vancouver boutique food studio. You can order a variety of delicious, kid friendly meals online for pick up at the studio or home delivery. Add a green salad and say goodbye to Dominos pizza or cereal for dinner on your most harried days.