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A Message from Women Everywhere - because when you reach this many views, you may have struck a nerve out there ...

(Credit for the heads up on this funny video goes to Tanya Chamberlain, from Facebook)
Good to Know
Facing back to work blues after Spring Break?

A recent study suggests that "re-attaching" to work at the start of a work day is just as important as "de-attaching" at the end of the work day. Researchers found that h aving a re-attachment process is vital for worker engagement throughout the workday.

In practice, this is basically starting to think about work before you start your work day.

Suggestions from the study: reattachment to work may already start when still at home (e.g., when thinking about specific tasks that need to be done or when discussing the upcoming workday over breakfast with one’s spouse). It can occur during the commute (e.g., when mentally simulating a difficult conversation with one’s supervisor while sitting on the train) or upon arrival at work before actually starting to work (e.g., when mentally running through one’s to-do list while standing in line for a coffee). To be effective, reattachment should take place before logging into a formal time-tracking system or before starting billable hours.
Have you Heard?
The 13th annual Tulips of the Valley Festival has announced its return to Chilliwack for the 2019 season. This year, the ever-popular event returns with a brand new name and more than 6.5 million bulbs.

The Chilliwack Tulip Festival starts on Wednesday, April 10. Early bloom is said to take place from April 10 to 18; full bloom will run from April 19 to May 5, with the possibility for extensions.
Something to Try
The Good Stuff - a Vancouver smoothie delivery company. Take 30 seconds to start your morning right with blend-at-home smoothies, delivered to your door. They have "collections" for various health and sports goals, including kid friendly blends.