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Mothers And Daughters
October 2018
photo by  Katie Emslie
Article by 
Edward D. Wagner DC

Hello from Wagner Holistic Center!

It is so important for mothers to receive alternative health care and include their daughters.  Being a mother today is more stressful than ever, with lengthy drives to and from school, incredibly detailed schedules and the extensive demands upon the young girls, which of course, falls on the mother's back.

Since the majority of mothers today have been divorced also, this adds another impact of stress, both upon mother and daughter.  Other stresses are mother's wondering if their daughter is developing correctly, both physically and hormonally, as well as concerns over posture, weight issues, and emotional stability.

To maximize health, emotional stability, posture, hormone development and weight, it is essential for your daughters to have an expert doctor to make a plan of care to correct any imbalances that have already started and prevent the possibilities of others beginning.

There can be a big impact on the daughter when she joins her mother on routine visits to the health care doctor and health coach. She learns that stress patterns can be released, that there are alternative methods of treatment rather than medications, and that there is someone there that can be a source of wisdom to answer questions.

It is very difficult to be a daughter in this world today. The demands are great  and can  lead to anxiety and
depression. Regular adjustments, kinesiological balancing, dietary instruction and supplement programs can  be the determining factors on their future.

Get started, bring your girls in to
see Dr. Andrea Shakarian.
She has 16 years of expe rience as a chiropractor, health coach, nutritionist and the mother of a 4 year old daughter. No one does it better than Dr. Andrea.  She is part of the best team in L.A. Don't deprive daughters of the greatest opportunity availa ble for building a healthier future.


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