What's in The Color Pink?

Aside from visions of pink ribbons (beautiful tribute), peptobismol, hair ribbons and more .. pink represents creativity, spirituality, kindness, playfulness and it is the universal color of self love.
The psychology of color is fascinating. We choose pink because of Mother's Day. This is not to say that to be female or a mother you must love pink. In fact, pink was seen as a masculine color in the 1800's while girls wore white and/or blue. In the 1900's both boys and girls wore pink. It's funny how we associate colors with specific genders or ideals and traditions. I am not sure but I bet most of us symbolize pink with harmony, friendship, romance and happiness.
So, raise your arms and cheer for pink! It's everybody's color!
Mothers Day Appreciation Giveaway

Enter our Giveaway and tell us what you love about your mother, or about being a mother!
No puchase necessary. :)

Whats up for grabs?
*Touch Screen Light up Mirror
  includes x 2 and x 3 mirrors
* Tweezerman Tweezers
* Pink Nail File
* Pink Mesh Beauty Bag
* 6 oz A Time Of Solitude Hydrating Body Spray (antioxidant)
* 2 oz Decadent Body Powder


       Check out our New Light (summer) Cleansing Oil!

                         (we will be having a naming contest later to rename this product!)

This cleanser is excellent for removing makeup, grime and over all daily grunge.

You will find that it rinses clean and is moisturizing. Both of the oils in this cleanser are high in linoleic acid, and absorb quickly into the skin.
Amped up with Lemongrass, Thyme and Manuka Tea Tree essential oils for their balancing and antibacterial attributes. This cleansing oil is perfect for blemish prone skin during the hot, sweaty, summer months. It smells great as well!

Finally, NEW Samples available in the sample program! 
Now listed at the top of the page. 
Pineapple / Red Wine Enzyme Gel
This Week's Sale Item!  25% discount on the .25 oz
 30% discount on the 2.5 oz

Pamper yourself, or your mom with our Pineapple/Red Wine Enzyme Gel!

Fresh pineapple is a great natural (enzyme rich) exfoliant, and loaded with vitamins A and C, while it also helps to control acne. Burgundy wine, while also another natural exfoliant, is an antioxidant. Our Pineapple/Red Wine Enzyme Gel removes dead skin and restores the skin's natural glow, leaving it smooth and healthy. 

Check out this awesome YouTuber's video about this product!

Current Finished Product Sample 
Very gentle exfoliation! :)

The current sample being included with orders.
(unless you pick one from our Sample Program)

While Supplies Last!  
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