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Smart software solutions for maximum flexibility
Festo offers a wide range of products, functions and complete solution packages that are integrated into the Festo Motion Terminal . Imagine one valve technology with a powerful controller and smart apps; this combination heralds a new era in terms of flexibility.     
Experience the new Festo Motion Terminal
Large variety of patented connectors
FasTest has secured over 50 US and International patents. They serve as Quick Connections to Tubes, Holes, Threads, Fittings and Custom Profiles in Leak and Pressure Testing Applications.
Fas Test patented quick connections & fittings
Rugged & versatile custom design
Delta Power Company is proficient in the design and manufacture of cutting edge products and systems including cartridge valves, check valves and electronic control units and accessories. They are extremely rugged and versatile and used primarily in the Agriculture and Construction equipment industries as well as medical devices. They perform well in “abusive” and demanding environments as well as delicate medical equipment.
Delta Power Hydraulic Cartridge Valves
Make your ideals real in the cloud with Delta Power Company Manifolds
 New Innovative Motion System Drives
Brevini USA , a division of Dana is a world leader in highly engineered solutions for improving the efficiency, performance, and sustainability of powered vehicles and machinery. Dana supports the passenger vehicle, commercial truck, and off-highway markets, as well as industrial and stationary equipment applications. Brevini specializes in power-transmission and fluid power systems.
New custom designed gearboxes & drives