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No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease.......November
JUST KIDDING! It's finally fall:)
"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall" ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

There is no rest for the weary! Don't give up on this year yet! There is still much to do in 2018!

What's coming up in November (beside recovering from a candy hangover while looking forward to being stuffed from turkey and stuffing) ?

What? Bohicket Half Marathon and 5k
  • Run on beautiful Seabrook Island on the ADDED half marathon course this year.
When? November 17, 8:00am, 8:20am
Why? Because who doesn't love to run on a beautiful island in the lowcountry in November?

Tired of running on the roads? Try a trail race!
What ? Chili 5k
  • "Navigate through the majestic moss-draped trails of Laurel Hill County Park during the Chili 5K. Post-race party includes hot chili and cold beer."
When ? November 17th, 9am
Why ? Did you read the part about chili and beer post race? Plus it's a beautiful trail run
Sign up here : Chili 5k
Shhh, don't tell Catherine but I'm going to give you a peak ahead and give you a little teaser about what's coming up in the next few months at Blue Sky.

**Keep your loved ones happy! We have SO many new, totally awesome gift ideas coming in for the holidays. We're here to make your holiday season stress free -- well we're at least here to help you pick out great gifts in a variety of price ranges for the active love ones in your life. Or heck, buy yourself a gift. We don't judge.
"We'll have a curated collection of gift ideas for the favorite swimmer, cyclist, runner, or triathlete in your life" ~Catherine Hollister (clearly not my words)

**Need a new year goal? Yes, yes you do. Start planning your spring 2019 now. Here's some insight into what we have to offer:

Parris Island Training Program:
  • Sprint triathlon training
  • 10 week program starting January 1st

Cooper River Bridge Run Training Program:
  • 10k training
  • 12 week program starting January 15th

There you have it. No excuse to get 'behind' in your holiday shopping or to sit on your 'behind' in the new year. We're here to help you stay active!
Monthly Spotlight
Motivation station, my attitude needs some reconfiguration

“It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices.” ~Dumbledore

Yippee, fall is finally here. Cooler temps and less humidity mean a lot of happy runners out there. We've endured the long long long hot, humid, nasty, gross days of summer, to reap the rewards of fall temperatures. I expect to see you all out on the roads, safely illuminated (see below) all fall and winter long right? Unfortunately, previous experience has shown me that this is not the case. While the number of runners on the roads is surging right now, my prediction is that in a few weeks I'll be lonely out there again. If I take a look inside the gym, I'll find similar results. Getting out of a warm, cozy bed in the dark hours of the morning is one of the hardest but most rewarding things you'll do all day. Trust me on this, even though I may be exaggerating a wee bit. I'm here to assure you that you'll never regret getting up to workout out. "Do or do not. There is not try" (please tell me you know who said that...answer at the end of the newsletter)

I realize our motivation to workout in the winter months is not as strong as in the warmer months. We have raced all of our races and want to enjoy our 'off-season' by sitting on our tushy. The cooler temps also allow us to hide our expanding body in warm, baggy, full coverage clothes. No need to get in a bathing suit in December. Without a looming race or skimpy clothing, many of us lose our MOTIVATION to get out and get active. I get it. I like my warm cozy bed as much as the next person but I usually drag myself out of bed bright and early almost every day. A little crazy, perhaps, but I use a number of tools to keep me motivated. I'm sharing some here in the hopes of not being so lonely out on the roads and in the gym this fall/winter....

  1. Schedule a late winter/early spring race - There is nothing more motivating than a race looming in the distance. Hopefully anytime we spend money and commit to a race, that will help us train when we otherwise want to be a lump on a log
  2. Make a plan, set up mini goals - Even if you don't have a race on the horizon you can still make a plan and set up different goals. Post a calendar on your refrigerator with a workout plan. Set up mini-goals along the way. Better yet, post it on social media. There's nothing like the the hive mentality to keep you on the straight and narrow. Resistance is futile....
  3. Peer pressure - get some friends together and make a challenge. There are a number of monthly challenges online such as a push-up, plank, or sit-up challenge. This makes it fun and motivating when you can share your workouts with other people.
  4. Move it indoors, try something new. Have you wanted to try yoga, pilates, spin, or interval classes? Now is the time to try something new. Try a new gym or simply try something new at your own gym. Even if you don't belong to a gym, there is something new called the 'internet' that is full of FREE workouts. If you haven't checked it out yet, now is the time. You can get a great workout in without ever having to put your little pinky toe in the cold air.
  5. Sticking with outdoor workouts? We have solutions:
  • warm up inside - jumping jacks, dynamic warm-up, walking in place-- do anything you need to do to get the blood pumping and get you warm enough to head outside
  • buy the right clothing -this is really key. If you have the right clothing, cold temps will be tolerable and invigorating. Luckily I know just the place to stock up on your cold weather gear (hint: look at the logo on the top of the page).

Remember, "It's only cold if you're standing still".

Luckily you have no reason to skip your workouts this fall/winter. This newsletter is helping your motivation, your illumination (see below) and your 'healthy-nation" (see further below). Let's all make a pact to stay active and keep me company. I get needy when I'm lonely...

"Does shivering count as exercise?"
Featured product(s)
Can you see me now?
Baby it's dark outside. The days are getting shorter. It happens every year and while it won't last forever, we want to make sure you're safe when you're out there getting your exercise-on.

Run, better run - but stay safe. Keeping safety first, luckily we have options for you at Blue Sky so everyone can see you coming and going. Here are two options for runners:
  • Mama Lights - a handy dandy wrist light that is super bright and easy to use. We have different colors too so our pink-lovers can shine as brightly as our blue-lovers.
  • We also have super cool headlights and blinky lights that clip to your waistband. This headlamp by Black Diamond comes in different 'lumens' (in normal words that means brightness), is super light and great for any outdoor running in the dark. It's a great, hands-free way to see where you're going and what's ahead of you so you don't run in to a coyote roaming the streets (true story!)
If riding a bike is your jam , we have you covered as well. You'll need the super cool CygoLite Streak 450 Combo light. Not only do you get a headlight AND a blinky rear light, but it's rechargeable too! See where you're going and make sure that people can see you from miles away
Hurry in to Blue Sky to pick up your lights now! There is no reason to get caught in the happens every year...we have what you need to stay safe!
The Athletes' Plate  
How do we stay healthy when the weather is changing?
"My nose is the only part of me that's running right now'

As the weather cools down we we spend more time indoors to keep away from the chill in the air. The more time we spend inside, the greater the likelihood we'll catch a cold from a snotty infected stranger, friend, or family member. While I can't guarantee that you'll stay healthy this sicky-season, hopefully the following tips will help your body stay strong to fight off those nasty viruses.

Eating to stay healthy:
  1. Eat seasonal fruits and veggies - winter is a great time to enjoy colorful (read nutrient rich) food. Winter squashes, brussel sprouts (a sure fire way to my heart...I LOVE them), apples, pears, carrots, cabbage, beets are all good choices! Enjoy them, but maybe add some beano to your diet too if you're not used to all these fresh foods...
  2. Drink up --- I mean drink hot tea. Black and Green tea in particular have antioxidant effects. And bonus, hot tea will keep you warm.
  3. Make stews and soups with added veggies to increase your fiber and the warmth will help you feel full.
  4. Be aware of the vitamin alphabet - get plenty of vitamin C and vitamin D through fruits veggies and good 'ole sunlight.
  5. Finally keep your gut healthy! "More than 60% of our immune defenses lie along the mucosal lining of our gut". Yuck, but good to know. Keep your gut healthy by eating probiotics. Think kefir, live yogurt, and kimchi. Fancy foods. Instantly cooler.

Do yourself a favor and eat to stay healthy this cooler weather season. Stay healthy so you can stay motivated and keep moving!

My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start. So far I’ve finished two bags of M&Ms and a chocolate cake. I feel better already. ~Dave Barry
YOU Wear It Well Award
Each month we're going to scour the internet to see who 'wore it best'. We're looking for people training and racing in Blue Sky Endurance gear. That means YOU! Did you snap a selfie on a morning run? Did you get an awesome race photo last week? Post it on our FB page or your FB page but make sure to tag us, or #blueskyendurance on instagram. You post it, we'll find you. Why should you care?? Because you will win something! ! And who doesn't like free stuff?!

This month our winner is elusive in photos....can you spot him? It feels like we're on a safari looking for a cheetah. Yes he's fast, and he likes to hide when the camera comes out...can you spot him? I've provided a few helpful hints in the pictures below...
I n case you can't tell by the picture (and really, you probably can't), our winner this month is none other than Mike Long ! We love having him join us every week for our early Thursday morning runs and he also rocks our tank, visor, and our tri kit when out running or racing. He has the best attitude as he kicks in some speedy gears when he's out training and racing. Thanks Mike for being you and rocking our cool gear. Come in anytime THIS MONTH to pick your very cool prize. No, I can't tell you what it is. Truthfully I have no idea what it is but I'm sure someone does....surely....
" Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live"

RISE & RUN . Get on up and GET OUT ! You, yes you, need to join us for our early morning Rise&Run sessions. Get out, see the sights, and run with a great group of people. Paces and workouts vary so you have no excuse not to join us! Look at this great group of people to the right (highlighted by Sadie's fancy picture taking and editing skills. So skilled:)

Our Group Run is Thursday mornings at 5:30, but nothing is set in stone so you never know what it's going to be! Have a preference? Make a suggestion and we'll see what we can do to run where YOU want to run . Stay motivated by joining in our group run fun . Don't miss out!

"Morning comes in 3 sizes: Early, Too Early, Way Too Early"

Finally, who said the quote above in the Monthly Spotlight section? Yoda. If you don't know that answer please grab some Netflix and chill....watching STAR WARS!
Whether you are new to the sport of triathlon or a seasoned triathlete, we are all time crunched individuals with overflowing inboxes. With our monthly Blue Sky Endurance e-news, we will strive to keep it truly monthly, just the facts, but filled with nuggets of quality information to help us all as we strive to improve at the sport in some way or other. Our e-news will keep you in the loop, in the know and spiked with motivation to keep you reaching for Your Sky. Your Limit. 
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