North Texas Giving Day was a huge success! In one day, CASA of Collin County received a record $29,212.00. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for each and every one of our donors who made it possible. Every child deserves a chance, and to be heard. Each one of our donors made sure that every child removed from their home in Collin County due to abuse or neglect will continue to have a CASA by their side as they navigate through the child welfare system. Once again, THANK YOU to all of our generous supporters. 
Will You Run For Pizza?
Cadillac Pizza Pub in McKinney will be having a 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run benefiting CASA of Collin County on November 5th. Register yourself or get a team together to run it's going to be a whole lot of fun!
Motivation to Prevail

Madison is almost 16 years old. She came into care in 2012, removed from a family environment that was neglectful, dysfunctional, and physically abusive. The outward signs of that have faded, but even after all this time she is still struggling to heal the emotional scars. Her trauma often resurfaces in the form of defiance, anger, and aggression, and because of this Madison has spent the majority of her time in foster care placed in Residential Treatment Centers. Madison's motivation to prevail was always her grandmother, whom she loved deeply and saw as a maternal figure. Her grandmother suffered from chronic health issues, and Madison's goal was always to return home and care for her just like her grandmother once care for her. However, Madison's world was turned upside down last month as her grandmother unexpectedly passed away. Christie, Madison's CASA Volunteer Advocate, knew it was absolutely necessary for Madison to attend the memorial service in order for her to find some closure. Christie worked tirelessly to ensure the proper authorizations were in place for Madison to travel out of state (no small feat in and of itself), and devoted several days to transporting Madison to and from, and attending the service alongside her - over 500 miles away. Christie truly went above and beyond, which everyone including the Judge recognized and praised. It is solely because of Christie that Madison was able to say her goodbye to the most important person in her life, and to begin healing from her loss. Madison's motivation, to make her grandma proud, has not changed, but her goal has. She now plans to study criminal justice so she can be a fierce advocate for children who are victims of abuse and neglect, just like her advocate Christie has been for her. 

From An Advocates Perspective

"Being a CASA, I am a voice for a child that doesn't have one. With so many parties involved in the court process, each having different intentions or outcomes, I advocate for the child's best interest, a sometimes hard conclusion to reach. For instance, being a mother, there is part of me that wants the child to return to his or her family. However, as a trained CASA, my duty is to determine what is best for the child, as my advocacy will impact their life forever. Thinking of such lasting impact made me nervous to start my first case, even with all of the training I received. Nevertheless, my CASA training properly prepared me to handle a variety of situations in my meetings with the social workers, the families involved, the child and other parties. Furthermore, the support I received from my CASA supervisor, her willingness to quickly respond to my questions or assist with problems, was gratifying, too. I am going to continue serving as a CASA even when my first year commitment is over, for I feel good about my work, specifically the sense of belonging to my community that I have never felt before in my life."

If you are interested in volunteering as a CASA please contact Lacey Dembicki at 972-529-2272 X117 or email her at
  • 2015 Annual Report - click HERE to view
  • Our 2016 CASAs for Kids Classic Golf Tournament is this Tuesday, October 4,2016 at Stonebridge Ranch Country Club 
  • Helping Hands training will be on November 17th. For more information contact Lacey Dembicki at 972-529-2272 X117
  • It quickly becoming that special time of year again where the Children's Advocacy Center and CASA of Collin jointly host the 2016 Angel Tree Holiday Program. If you are interested in providing toys for a child during the Holiday season please contact Madison Durr at 972-529-2272 X113
  • Eat at El Chico in McKinney on Tuesday October 11th - mention CASA, drop your recepit off in the box and 20% of their proceeds will benefit CASA of Collin County

I am a 
basic agent for change - a child
advocating, injustice fighting,
systems testing, court reporting,
data collecting, rights protecting,
child defending, information gathering,
service finding, child focused, social rights
championing, crisis intervening, mentor,
investigator, facilitator, monitor,
listener, encourager, supporter, and
leader with professionalism,
integrity, concern, empathy, values,
love, trust, honesty, and warmth-

A C ourt A ppointed 
Special Advocate

Thank You to all of our CASA Volunteer Advocates who go above and beyond. We are so grateful for all that you do. 

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