This Month's Comic: Thought Dogs Were Hard to Train
Motivation, something that I’m sure we all struggle with from time to time, at least I hope it’s not just me. I make a goal, but then I procrastinate. Why though? Why can’t I just wakeup and feel motivated to accomplish everything I think I should be doing.
Let's Talk About Emotional Support Animals
Imagine sitting on a plane (well maybe not during the pandemic, but you get what we mean) and someone with a dog walks on in an emotional support vest. Cute right? Well, now imagine sitting on a plane and someone with a snake walks on… Yes, a snake. No, I am not talking about the movie “Snakes on a Plane”, I am talking about an emotional support snake.
Ontario has updated the workplace screening questions and protocols.
Ontario Employers that are permitted to be open, are still required to screen their workers for COVID-19 before they come to work or start their shift for the day. The questions have been modified and defined by the Ministry of Health. Healthcare settings and schools still have their own screening tools/questions they must use. Screening is NOT required for emergency services or other first responders entering the workplace for emergency purposes. Screening is to occur before, or when a worker arrives at the workplace for their shift. The results of the screening must be collected and reviewed to determine whether the worker may enter the workplace.
Systems 24-7’s online COVID-19 screening tool has been updated to reflect the new Ontario questions. There are 2 age groups (18 year and older, and 17 years and under) now for questions and when compared, they are very similar, so we have incorporated both sets of questions into the online screening questions. Click here for a PDF of the updated screening questions for Ontario.
If you have any questions or concerns about the questions or our online screening tool, please contact us at 1-866-754-8839. 
Your February Compliance Package is now Posted
If you are enrolled in the compliance package program, your package is now posted. Login to your site to access your package under the compliance packages feature. All assignments must be completed to keep your Health & Safety Program in compliance.
Your Complimentary Resources this Month
2021 Wellness Calendars
Our 2021 Wellness Calendars are something you don't want to miss this year. We are offering a black and white printer friendly version and an interactive-colour version. Each month is full of activities, monthly mottos, daily tips and so much more. Each month is different from the next so make sure you download the full year calendar to enjoy, if you only want one month at a time we are offering that as well.
February 2021 Wellness Calendar - Black and White Version | Colour Interactive Version
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