Here is the work of a Master

Johann Keyser is the genius behind Moto Motivo.  Rob calls him "Dr. Keyser" due to his incredible motoring knowledge base, dry sense of humor, and an affinity for craft beers and red wine.  We have never met anyone that knows so much about all makes and models of cars and motorcycles, and he has worked on most of them.  Johann moved to the USA from South Africa 12 years ago with his family and in 2015 they became US citizens.

While in living in Cape Town, South Africa he owned and rode just about every motorcycle that was available, was multiple time Trials Champion, is a certified Alfa Romeo mechanic, raced Alfa Romeo cars both on track and in Rallies, and has prepped and worked on such race cars as Alfa Romeo GTA, Zagato, GTV, GTJ, Guillieta and Giulia models. Also Renault Gordini and Turbo 5, Fiat Mirafiori, Lancia Monte Carlo and Simca_Bagheera cars.

Johann also owns CAV-America and imports replicas of the iconic Ford GT40, which are hand built in South Africa.

Lately, the good doctor has focused his skills on producing custom motorcycles of all kinds.  His incredible knowledge of everything Ducati is mindblowing.  Johann knows which fork, swingarm, engine, and electronics will work on any frame.  He expertly crafts metal, works magic with all kinds of paints and powdercoat finishes, is able to bead blast, vapor blast, and soda blast, makes fiberglass molds and finished parts, and he can dial-in carburetors and fuel injection. The craftsmanship and imagination he puts into every build is a sight to behold.  Tapeworks has played a very tiny part in most of his art by being able to produce the decals that are always the finishing touch to make his projects complete.

If you have a prescription for a one-off, custom-built piece of 2 wheel art, made with loving attention to all details, you need to call Dr. Keyser.  Very good medicine is practiced there!

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Rob "Mr. Stripe-It-All" Masecar

As always, Tapeworks welcomes your photos of your bike or car! Just a couple things - please tell us what your bike is and what you put on it, and send a few high-resolution photos of closeups as well as wide shots of the whole vehicle to

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