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April 12th, 2011

2011 Sandhills Bike Fest

You may have seen this mentioned a time or two in the weekly newsletter, but we're once again sponsoring the Sandhills Bike Fest in Cameron, North Carolina. The three day bike fest is benefiting The Shamrock Baptist Church Boys' Home and St. Joseph's Retirement Home. If you're looking for a little entertainment at the end of May, check out their website which is linked above. If it's anything like last year, then it will be a great time with some great folks from all across North Carolina.  


In the sponsor package, we received a few extra tickets. Be on the look out over the next few weeks because we are going to pass them onto our newsletter readers!!!


With riding season in full swing, I hope everyone is having a great time on the North Carolina roadways. As always......


Ben Motorcycle

Stay safe,

Ben's Sig

Ben Cochran

Carolina Riders' Picture Page 

If you have been riding the hard roads of North & South Carolina and saw a camera snapping pictures of you from a moving vehicle, you might be on The Carolina's Full Throttle Riders' Picture Page.

Some great stuff from the guys over at The Carolina's Full Throttle Magazine.     

High Gas Prices = Higher Motorcycle InterestMoto Gas
It could be out of economic interest or just a good excuse to finally buy that bike you always wanted, but there is no doubt that motorcycles are getting a second look these days with higher gas prices. 

As this article from the Eagle Tribune reports, more people are not only buying motorcycles, but those who already own motorcycles are getting them worked on more often due to the more miles they are putting on them. The article also states that motorcycle dealers are getting more customers asking about gas mileage.

Do you opt for your bike instead of your car, truck or SUV because of the rising gas prices? Let us know! E-mail us at           
Weekly Riding Tip: Preemptive Learning  
By: James R. Davis 

Even if you have been riding motorcycles for 20 years, when you get up on a new bike - one that you have never ridden before - EVERYTHING is different.

Cash (my business and riding partner) and I did a 225- mile ride. It was the first long ride for her on her new Magna. She handled the bike expertly though a bit timidly at first as she became familiar with it. Bravo!

We had done some parking lot practice a couple of days before so that she got the feel of her brakes and the steering geometry of the new bike. Now she was building muscle memory by learning the little things -
ONE AT A TIME - that she knew she would have to know sooner or later.
It's Official, Big Dog Motorcycles Closes 

In last week's newsletter, we had a blurb on the speculation around Big Dog Motorcycles and the signs they were closing down their operation. It seems like the rumors were true as Bryan Harley reports on the Motorcycle USA website.     

Some Great Advice 


Some great advice in motivational poster form!  

Motorcycle Row 

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