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Council Members Expected to Review Myrtle Beach Noise Limits  beach motorcycle
In 2008, Myrtle Beach lowered the noise oridence for non emergency vehicles from 99 to 89 decibles in an effort to tone down bike rallies in the city. As it stands now, the 89 decible rule is below the national standard of 92 decibles.  

Today, the Myrtle Beach City Council will meet to discuss the possibilty of raising the limit to the 92 decible national standard. The decibles from a vehicle are measured 20 inches from exhaust pipe at a 45 degree angle when the engine is idiling. You can read more on the oridence and the council meeting by viewing this article from the Myrtle Beach Sun News.

*Photo courtesy of  divemasterking2000 via Flickr Creative Commons.      

Motorcycle Club Holds Fundraiser to Help Cancer Patient 
You just can't get enough of these stories. Once again proving that bikers are one of the most charitable groups in the nation. This particular story out of New York follows Deanna Cummaro, a 40 year old lady, who is recouping from breast cancer. Her motorcycle group, Women in the Wind, held a party to help her raise money to pay for her medical bills. Read the whole story here from the Poughkeepsie Journal.             
Legends of the Motorcycle Concours d'Elegance
Message Boards are a great place to roam when you want to view some pictures of unique bikes. After seeing kirkmoon's post on the Adventure Rider Message Board, we had to share it.

"Kirkmoon", which is a screen name of a person on the message board, visited the Legends of Motorcycle Concours d'Elegance event which took place near San Francisco in 2006. Yes, a little dated, but the pictures he took are awesome. Check them out in all their glory here. If you like classics, this is a must see.  
Weekly Riding Tip: New Passenger

By: James R. Davis

Before I let a passenger onto my bike, I host a briefing with that person. I explain that so long as he or she is on my bike, my passenger is the boss. If my co-rider wants to slow down or to stop for any reason, we will do so. In other words, the rider controls the bike, while the passenger controls the rider! I explain that it is not my intention to scare my co-rider, ever, while he or she is on the bike, but to help my passenger enjoy the experience. 

Harley Shows the Military Some Love  
Army Specialist Jonny Artmann and Navy Aviation Electronics Technician First Class Khalid Mansour are the two lucky military members to win new Harleys at the end of 2010. Mansour notes that December was an amazing month as he received the news of the Harley only three days after being promoted. Artmann won a XR1200X and Mansour selected the Road King Classic.

To check out the whole story with quotes and pictures from the two winners, click here.    
AMA Supercross Goes Pink  

Round 5 of 
AMA Supercross series goes pink this weekend in support of breast cancer awareness. For the second year Anaheim Supercross at Angels Stadium dons a pink theme to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Orange County Affiliate focusing on breast cancer awareness and research.

In 2010 the pink-themed Supercross raised $57,000 in donations for breast cancer research and continues in 2011 with the help of Feld Motor Sports and the Supercross community. Shasta Johnson, breast cancer survivor and volunteer who organizes the event, will be on hand to deliver another year of amazing results.

Check out the full story here.  
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