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June 14th, 2011

Rapids Jam 2011

It is no secret, as a Firm, we love getting out into the public and mixing it up with the folks of North Carolina. Of course we go to fairs and festivals, but this weekend we are going where we have never been before.

This Thursday, Friday and Saturday we will be in Roanoke Rapids for the First Annual Rapids Jam Country Music Festival. Acts at the event include Willie Nelson, Craig Morgan, Sugerland, Darius Rucker, Lady Antebellum and many more rising country music stars.


In next week's newsletter, we'll have the wrap up and some pictures. If you already have your tickets for the event, drop by and see us at our tent. If not, check out how you can get some here.  


If you decide to ride up to Roanoke Rapids, stay safe and make sure to check the weather.  




Ben Motorcycle

Stay safe,

Ben's Sig

Ben Cochran

Raleigh H.O.G. Members Are Now Taking Your Pizza OrdersBig Cheese
We love hearing from our readers. That's why when Jerry and Deb Gause e-mailed us letting us know about their new business, we had to let everyone know about it. Jerry and Deb have been newsletter readers from back when the newsletter started and we were just getting our feet wet with it. They are also Raleigh H.O.G. members for almost 30 years. But now, you can add Big Cheese Pizza owners to their list. 

Big Cheese Pizza is ready to serve you up $5 pepperoni that is always ready to go out the door. These aren't your average pies were talking about here. The pizzas feature hand made dough and real, cut from the block cheese. Big Cheese Pizza is not a sit down restaurant though. Customers who can't wait to get home to eat their pizza can eat outside at the Sheetz near by. Check out below for more information. If you find yourself riding or driving in the area, stop in and see what Big Cheese Pizza is all about.

1013 N. Rogers Lane
Raleigh, NC 27610
(919) 712-2245
Click Here for Location        
What? A Flying Motorcycle? 

Yes, that is what we said when we clicked on the link from Google. Australian designer, Chris Malloy created it and well, we just can't describe it, so take a look for yourself.     

2011 Supersport Shootout IX Track

If you want information on new bikes including ride reviews, Motorcycle USA is the place to go. This month they have a huge article on some of the best sportbikes on the planet. They took the sportbikes to the track, took them to the limit and shared all the information and opinion, both good and bad, in this article. Enjoy!    

Motorcycle Row 

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