It will be hard to follow last Sunday’s ‘Everything’ (Holy Humour/Earth/Camping) Sunday. It truly was everything – we laughed, we cried. In fact, part of Holy Humour Sunday is about escaping the high emotions of Holy Week, but we had lots of them anyways, and some really beautiful music by Derek, the choir and the Praise Band. It was also a special surprise that the Rev. Gavin Williams, his wife Charity and their five children were in attendance! Gavin, a candidate for ministry supported by Mount Forest-Woodland, was ordained last fall.
This Sunday, we celebrate Rural Life Sunday. It’s an opportunity to draw attention to the fact that many of the livelihoods in this area are dependent upon crops that grow, ripen and can be harvested as well as animals that grow and produce food for us or are sent to market. Many people also have gardens whose produce they depend upon. So let’s bless all that. You are welcome to bring in things that you rely upon to help you to grow things – seeds, soil, gardening implements, seedlings, gardening gloves, etc. If you bring it, we’ll bless it…
To prepare, read John 21:1-19 and ponder the following:
1.      What does “abundance” mean to you?
2.      What are the most pressing issues in your mind regarding fishing, farming and forestry? 
Image: Guiseppe Russo, Used with permission.