March 2021
A Winter Walk on the Farm
While we are all anxious for spring weather, a bit of brisk weather remains, and a winter walk is a wonderful time to enjoy Mount Hope Farm. As the cold air hits when you leave the car, you will hear the willowy whistle of the trees and the welcoming honks of the geese. It is so inviting that you will be compelled to explore what lies ahead along the road.

But, before you do, take a moment to find the donkey in the far field. Listen to the goats. Turn to see the prize chickens.

Now stroll the walk toward Cove Cabin. Take a moment to observe the trees, labeled with love. Their gray and leafless branches lend a magnificence that helps the winter come alive.
You will come to the ponds. That little house to the left was built by the Haffenreffers for the ducks. (The Haffenreffer family owned the property from 1916 to 1999, when it was purchased by the nonprofit Mount Hope Trust in Bristol.)
The wooden benches are so cozy when nature distracts you. Much care has gone into the building of these benches. They were installed so you could have a more relaxing place to sit while you snack, chat, observe and appreciate.

Stroll along. Look to the ocean in the distance. It is alive with whites, grays and blues. Listen to the inviting quiet ripples of the waves. What is it that makes the water so enticing?

Stop to get a better look at Seal Island. Can you find it? Are there seals relaxing in the sunshine?

Maybe on your return walk, again appreciating the trees, shrubs and bushes, you will remember the final stanza from Kilmer’s Trees.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

Dreams join reality at the Farm.
Our History: The Haffenreffers
When R.F. Haffenreffer II and his family purchased Mount Hope Farm in 1917, the property had long been neglected. Their restoration efforts included adding our North Pasture, South Pasture and Cove Cabin buildings. The family also owned Bristol's Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, Narragansett Brewing and Mount Hope Bridge.
Our News: Meet Our Innkeeper
It is a pleasure to introduce Sarah Bullard, who has joined our team as Innkeeper of our three guest properties: Governor Bradford House, North Pasture House and South Pasture House. Sarah is a perfect fit for this role ... she is friendly, organized, energetic and has a deep knowledge of the Bristol region. In fact, she is a member of the Bristol Warren School Committee.
We are also pleased to announce that our guest properties will be fully open this spring with COVID safety precautions in place. Learn more.
Around The Farm
  • Mount Hope Farm is home to 26 Nigerian dwarf goats. You'll find most of them in their yard behind the barn. Did you know you can adopt one of our goats? Learn more.
  • Our Farmers Market runs every Saturday. Join our market email list to be first to learn what's on the market table this week. Link here.
  • Walk our beautiful property. Trails open 7 am to 2 pm daily. We regret that past issues require that we ask you leave your pets at home.
  • Our Mount Hope Farm Moments newsletters are archived on our website. Link here. Use the same link to sign up family and friends to receive this newsletter.