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February 11, 2020
During this week's Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting the Board again recognized February as African-American History Month. During the presentation, I acknowledged the Gum Springs Community and the Quander Family for their many important contributions to the Mount Vernon community and as pillars of African American heritage. The Gum Springs community, founded by freed slave West Ford in 1833, on land bequeath to him by the George Washington family, is the oldest African American community in Fairfax County. The Gum Springs Historical Society's Museum and Cultural Center was founded to celebrate and preserve this historic community's artifacts, photographs and information on the residents and founding families of Gum Springs.

The Mount Vernon community owes its gratitude to the Quander family, oldest documented African American family in the Country and a long-time pillar of our District. The Quander family has provided property for schools, as well as a property adjacent to Quander Road school that provides connective green space to the Fairchild Property (behind the Kings Crossing Walmart), all of which we plan to make a future park
At the meeting I presented a Board matter directing the County Executive to assess the benefits and feasibility of creating a Fort Belvoir Staff Liaison position to strengthen the County's relationship with Fort Belvoir. With more than 50,000 employees and over 150 departments and commands, Fort Belvoir is the largest single employment location in the County, home to more than 8,000 residents, operates a world class hospital, its own public works, public safety departments, commissary, golf course, event facilities and many more services. A knowledgeable and experienced County liaison could build the crucial long-term relationships and provide outstanding insight into the workings of these 150 commands and departments fostering substantial local benefits.
Respectfully yours in public service,

Dan Storck
Supervisor, Mount Vernon District
Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

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The following are highlights from the Board of Supervisors February 11, 2020 meeting, including items of particular interest to Mount Vernon residents. For additional information, please go to the County’s Board Agenda and Meeting Schedule . You may listen to highlights from the Board meeting on your computer or listen directly on iTunes. Subscribe to the podcast, or choose a program and listen in. 
The Board recognized and designated:
Janet Samuelson for more than 25 years of service as CEO of ServiceSource.
February 2020 as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
February 2020 as African-American History Month
To view the February 11, 2020 Board Package click here . 
Adminstrative Items

Item 4: Authorized a public hearing on the proposed Consolidated Plan One-Year Action Plan for FY 2021. The Plan allocates approximately $8 million in Federal funding for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), HOME Investment Partnership Grants (HOME), and Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG). The full item can be read on pages 18 - 20 of the Board Package.
Action Items

Item 3: Approved a Standard Project Agreement (SPA) for the distribution $3.5 million of I-395/I-95 toll revenues to a new Fairfax Connector Route 396 . The new route will provide rush hour express service from Gambrill and Backlick North park and ride lots to the Pentagon, with complementary bike and pedestrian improvements. The full item can be read on pages 83 - 118 of the Board Package.
Board Matters

Fort Belvoir Liaison - Joint with Chairman Jeff McKay

Fort Belvoir is a Federal Military Base located principally in the Mount Vernon District with more than 50,000 employees who reside throughout the Washington MSA. It has over 150 departments and commands providing administrative, training, and logistical support to the DoD, military branches, the Military District of Washington and Fort Belvoir staff, residents and retirees. Fort Belvoir includes the main base, Davison Army Airfield, Fort Belvoir North, and the future home of the National Museum of the U.S. Army and other installations. They are the largest single employment location in Fairfax County, are home to more than 8,000 residents, operate a world class hospital, their own public works, public safety departments, commissary, golf course, event facilities and many more services. 

During my 16 years of elected service to Mount Vernon District and Fairfax County, I have worked with nine different Garrison Commanders on many initiatives including BRAC, funding and building a new school, increasing public access, supporting community recreational opportunities, developing IGSAs, etc. that have strengthened our relationship and partnerships. Our significant recent successes are due to Colonel Michael Greenberg’s leadership, the current commander, but, unfortunately, he will be departing in 2020 at the end of this position’s standard two-year tour.  Read the full Board Matter...

Directed the County Executive to assess the benefits and feasibility of creating a Fort Belvoir Staff Liaison position and report back to the Board at the May 12, 2020, Economic Development Committee Meeting.
Request for Expedited and Concurrent Processing for Lorton McDonalds
The Applicant has concurrently filed a Proffer Condition Amendment and a Special Exception Amendment to renovate an existing McDonald’s restaurant located at 9398 Richmond Highway, on the property identified as Fairfax County Tax Map Reference 1083 ((1)) 0025. The restaurant is located on the west side of Richmond Highway, North of Armistead Road, and South of Lorton Road, on approximately 39,988 square feet of land in the Gunston Plaza Shopping Center. The proposed changes are necessary to modernize the restaurant and increase efficiency. The applications are scheduled for a Planning Commission hearing on March 4, 2020. In order to address the needs of the restaurant and patrons as soon as possible, the Applicant has asked for consideration for concurrent processing of the site plan and scheduling of a hearing before the Board of Supervisors on March 24, 2020.

  • Directed County planning staff to schedule PCA 87-V-064-03 concurrent with SEA 94-V-030 for a hearing before the Board of Supervisors on March 24, 2020.
  • Directed the Director of Land Development Services to accept for concurrent and simultaneous processing any site plans, architectural drawings, or other drawings as may be necessary in conjunction with the pending application. 

Tree Action Plan - Joint with Chairman Jeff McKay and Supervisor Penny Gross

The County’s Tree Action Plan was approved by the Board in 2006. In 2017, staff and the Tree Commission began work on updating the plan and presented a draft to the Board’s Environmental Committee. Due to press of other business, including CECAP, C-PACE, and the election, action on the Tree Action Plan was postponed.
The Tree Canopy goal is “No net loss of tree canopy to maintain our county’s overall tree canopy of 57 percent based on the March 2017 analysis.” Both the Tree Commission and the Urban Forestry Management Division staff recommend that the Board approve the Tree Action Plan.

  • Directed the County Executive to put the Tree Action Plan on the February 25 Board agenda as an action item for the Board’s consideration. 
  • Directed the County Executive to provide any fiscal impacts that the implementation plan may trigger.
Public Hearings
Proposed Amendments to Uniformed Retirement System Ordinance

Approved amendments to the Uniformed Retirement System Ordinance related to severe service-connected disabilities. The full item can be read on pages 174 - 177 of the Board Package.

Proposed Amendments to Outdoor Lighting Ordinance

Revising performance standards for the installation of new outdoor lighting fixtures or the replacement of existing fixtures. The full item can be read on pages 178 - 180 of the Board Package.
Board Appointments
Mount Vernon residents were appointed or reappointed to the following:

  1. James R. Klein (Trails & Sidewalks Committee)
  2. Tammy Mannarino (History Commission)
  3. Douglas M. Salik (A Heath Onthank Award Selection Committee)
Upcoming Land Use Cases
Planning Commission Public Hearings

Feb. 26, 9:00 a.m. - McDonald's USA, LLC PCA 87-V -064-03 & SEA 94-V -030. Amend proffers and conditions associated with RZ 87-V-064, request to renovate and moderize an existing restaurant with a drive through on Richmond Highway in Lorton.
District Information & Upcoming Events
DSVS Community Survey Open

Department of Family Services, Domestic and Sexual Violence Services (DSVS) is conducting a survey from February 3-28 to learn what the community knows and thinks about its services and barriers to accessing them. The survey is available in Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

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