Dear Mount Zion community,
We write this letter to help in the way we talk about COVID-19 and prepare during this dynamic situation.
As we learn about this potential pandemic, we each respond in a variety of ways.
Mount Zion is a community of comfort. That counts in times such as this. Our tradition, prayers, and our relationships can calm anxieties as we discern rational ways to stay healthy and connected.
And for the sake of pikuach nefesh , the mitzvah of “saving a life” which supersedes all other mitzvot, we must individually and as a community take precautions to not spread any virus, whether the flu or COVID-19.
Therefore, at Mount Zion we are:
  • Monitoring the updates and recommendations of World Health Organization website, the CDC, and the MN Department of Health. If we are ever told we need to close our religious school temporarily or suspend in-person meetings and even our services, we will be in touch with all needed information. Information will also be posted on our website
  • Cleaning commonly touched surfaces more frequently.
  • Encouraging everyone in our building to greet each other without touching. A beautiful gesture is to hold a hand over the heart.
  • Working with our Caring Community team on plans to support congregants who are home-bound if there are quarantines.

And what we request of you:
  • Monitor your own symptoms. If you have signs of illness, please do not come to communal gatherings including services and school. Follow all the teachings we are hearing everywhere about frequent handwashing, and, if you are coughing, to cough into a tissue and throw it away or, if not possible, into your elbow.
  • Let us know what support you need.
  • Offer support to anyone you know who is homebound or in need.
  • Share facts not fear and prevent issues of stigma related to COVID-19.  

Tonight begins the topsy-turvy holiday of Purim. We invite you to join us for our festivities where our tradition offers us the freedom to have joy even in times of distress. We quote a verse from the scroll of Esther at the end of every Shabbat during Havdalah, “ The Jews enjoyed light and gladness, happiness and honor.” (8:16) And then we add the words, ken tihyeh lanu , so may it be for us.

And so may it be for us and for all.
Bivracha /In blessing,
Michael Kuhne, President
Adam Stock Spilker, Rabbi
Larry Solomon, Executive Director
Sue Summit, Religious School Director