March 31, 2020

Updates and Action Alert!
Fish & Game Commission Vote to List Mountain Lions on California Endangered Species Act C oming Up!

Deadline to have support letters in
by April 2nd, 5pm.

The deadline to submit letters of support to list mountain lions on the California Endangered Species Act (CESA) is Thursday, April 2nd at 5pm.

If you already signed up on our website at the " How to Help" page and selected "all" to support all bills, we will include your support letter, unless we hear otherwise from you.

If you did not sign up for "all", please go there now to select "Mountain Lions CESA Protection" which will undergo an initial vote at the April 16th Fish and Game Commission meeting via teleconference.

We fully support listing mountain lions under CESA and believe the listing is imperative to their survival and hope that you will formally support with us!
Information on Netflix docuseries
"Tiger King" and exotic animal ownership
As you may know by now, Tiger King, a Netflix docuseries has swept the country, and is the number one viewed program right now. While the series was disturbing for much of us to watch, some may think that the show failed to drive home the reasons why roadside zoos and photo ops perpetuate animal abuse and certainly sensationalized and idolized animal abusers. We are optimistic that this spotlight on the plight of captive big cats and other wildlife will ultimately bring positive legislative change.

As you all remember, last year we co-sponsored SB 313 (Hueso) Circus Cruelty Prevention Act, which was signed into law and bans all wild animals in any kind of circus performance.

Existing law, California Section 2118 of the Fish and Game Code, already makes it illegal to own these exotic animals as pets in our state. Exotic animal ownership is dictated by state government, and thus the need for federal law.

The federal government, through the USDA, regulates big cat exhibitors. Sadly, their enforcement is weak to non-existent, as everyone can see in Tiger King.

The Big Cat Public Safety Act, HR1380 & S2561, which is discussed in the Netflix series, has currently made it out of its first hurdle, the House Natural Resources Committee in the United States House of Representatives back in September 2019.

SCIL will engage our federal lobbyist team to support this bill once the normal legislative bills are back up and moving. We have added it to our list of bills to support on our website, so if you selected "all" we will automatically include you. And if you did not, please visit our " How to help" page and select the "Big Cat Public Safety Act" bill.
Our heart goes out to everyone affected by Covid-19, whether it is health or income related, or any other horror included in this unimaginable crisis.

Let's all show compassion for our friends, neighbors, and animals, and do what we can and be responsible by staying in and physical distancing. There will be much better days to come.

Best regards,
Judie Mancuso, Founder/CEO/President
Social Compassion In Legislation
Social Compassion in Legislation