May 9, 2019
Our Annual Meeting is coming up soon, on Saturday, May 25th at 4:00 PM. If you are a Member of The Mountain and have not yet voted on the proposed bylaw changes and nominees for the Board and Nominating Committee election, please do so soon. As a member, you have a vote and a voice in the business here- your participation matters!
For bylaws click here . For nominees click here . To livestream this event click here .

If you did not receive the ballot via email or postal mail, please let us know:
The Mountain Endowment Fund Reception- 

 The Mountain Endowment Board invites you to a dessert reception after dinner Saturday, May 25 in The Commons. When you are ready for dessert, come down the hall around 7:30 and join us. This is an opportunity to honor people who have included The Mountain Endowment in their legacy plans, to update everyone on what is happening with the Endowment, and to hear your thoughts about how the Endowment can make a difference for our beloved Mountain.

We look forward to having a conversation with each if you about the future of the Endowment Fund.

The Mountain Endowment Fund Board
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The Farm's Wish List

Many Hands Peace Farm benefits greatly each year from In Kind Donations of new or used (in good condition) equipment, furnishings, and farming tools that often are beyond our annual operating budget capacity.

Check out our updated Wish List to see if there are any items that you may have to donate, and many thanks!
40 Years of Memories
Bruce and Sandy Kirkman and their daughters Jana and Colin have been a part of The Mountain from the beginning. While at The Mountain recently for a Charter Member gathering, Bruce and Sandy shared some of their memories of earlier years, with the joys and challenges that went along with those points in time.

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