Mountain Matters June 2017: 
Summer Programs & Special Projects Issue 

Early summer is a beautiful time of year at The Mountain, a time when our natural surroundings are glowing with greenery and blossoms. Our camp staff and campers are arriving each week and The Mountain is abuzz with summer energy and fun!

We had a great Homecoming Weekend and Annual Meeting with over 70 guests onsite May 26-29. On that Sunday we honored the memories of those in The Mountain community who have died over the past year: Peter Raoul, Margaret Schilling, June Cravens Sholin, Evelyn Carter, and Doris Frampton. 

As we move into our peak summer season, we hope to see you at one of our upcoming camps or programs, or for a personal retreat. We want to be your sanctuary in the mountains; a place where you can come to relax and recharge.

Feeling The Attraction? 
In addition to our MountainCamp programs for children and youth, we have an array of dynamic programs for adults and families that we hope will attract you to The Mountain this summer and fall.  To see a full listing or to register online, click the Retreats  tab. 

Upcoming Programs: 
Mountain Campership Fund

Thanks to your support and the generosity of two families pledging funds to match donations to the Mountain Campership Fund, we were able to raise nearly $18,000! Camperships make our wonderful MountainCamp experience possible for more than 30 kids each year. You can contribute to the Mountain Campership Fund any time throughout the year!

 Join us July 14-23
You're invited to our first annual MountainCamp Art Show and Sale! We will be showcasing camper and donated art that can be viewed or purchased. Proceeds will benefit our MountainCamp program and camperships for kids participating this summer and next.


Imagine a Food Forest at The Mountain!

We have a vision for transforming The Mountain's black locust grove into a 
multilayered forest of fruit and nut trees, shrubs, perennial vegetables, 
and mushroom beds. This vision will be funded, in part, through a $4,000 campaign via Faithify, an online Unitarian Universalist crowd-funding site.

What's a Food Forest? 
Food forests are intentionally managed agricultural sites that contain a variety of perennial crops organized by guilds or groupings that produce food, fiber, fuel, and medicine. Food forests are designed to be productive for several decades, providing bountiful harvests and natural habitat to benefit people and wildlife.

The Food Forest is being established in the ¾-acre black locust grove situated between the farm and northern border of the conservation easement. This area has been identified as an ideal food forest location because of its proximity to the fields and Mountain Meadow. The site is also highly visible from the main road as you enter The Mountain property and pass through the 
Many Hands Peace Farm. What a great addition to our Farm!

What will be the benefits of the Food Forest?

Educational:  By establishing the Food Forest, we create a demonstration site for those interested in the cultivation of perennial food crops.This space can also be used as a unique outdoor learning space for MountainCamp activities and other programming.

Economic:  Fruits, nuts, and other products derived from the food forest can be  processed into value-added products to be sold at market or through The Mountain Store. Many of these products, such as nuts, berries and fruits, will be supplied to The Mountain's kitchen for preparing delicious meals and special desserts for our guests.

This Fund, which has grown to $133,000, is a perpetual source of support for the work of the Mountain.  While the Endowment focus is on the long-term, we also provide an annual distribution (IRS formula, about 3%) for a project - currently working with staff on a renewable energy initiative.
The Endowment Program is able to provide this support because of the forethought and dedication of many people who love The Mountain, as in the following statement.

Why I give to The Mountain Endowment -- Marty Beech, Tallahassee, Florida

"The Mountain has been a part of my life since 1985, when I attended Lead ership School. I give to the Mountain Endowment so others may feel the gratefulness I feel when participating in the many programs of The Mountain, serving on the Board of Trustees, working as a volunteer, and meeting all the wonderful people in these activities."
We have a unique opportunity as The Mountain Endowment Program has been included in the Unitarian Universalist initiative, Wake Now Our Vision.   IF it's been on your mind to give to the Mountain Endowment Fund... NOW is the time. There is a 10% Match for your funds given, with the match paid in 2020.  Documentation that you are leaving a legacy to Both The Mountain and the Mountain Endowment Fund may receive these matching funds for documented legacy gifts pledged in conjunction with at least one other qualifying UU organization.
To learn more, visit the Mountain Endowment Program online . We look forward to talking with you about your hopes for the future of The Mountain, and considering the possibilities for your legacy to be part of that future.   ~Beverly Cree, Board President

If you w ould  like more information about the Wake Now Our Vision Legacy Challenge  or planned giving to The Mou ntain, contact our

It's Membership Renewal Time!
The Mountain has been a membership organization from its beginnings. Your annual membership provides The Mountain foundational support and enables you to vote on matters of annual business. Memberships may be renewed online: