Mountain Matters July 2017: 
2017 Annual Meeting Updates 

Time certainly has zipped by  since our Homecoming Weekend and the Annual Meeting took place at the end of May! This has been a great summer at The Mountain with lots of good weather, high energy campers, helpful volunteers and nice retreat guests. Family Camp Week is now under way--a favorite time for so many families, year after year.

If you are one of our Annual Members or Life Members who voted during this year's election of Board Trustees, we thank you for your interest and participation. Thanks to our Leadership Development Team, we had an outstanding slate of candidates in this contested election. We warmly welcome KC Boyce and DeAnn Peterson to the Mountain Board!

Read further for more annual meeting updates and initiatives. As always, we appreciate your questions, feedback, and ongoing support~

The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center
Board of Trustees
Annual Meeting 2017 Highlights:

1. Election of Board Trustees--
Prior to the Annual Meeting, members voted on a  slate of 10 candidates, filling 7 open positions. Five incumbents--Kathleen Anderson, Kit Hamblen, Dave Hudson, Kerry Keys, and Rob Marcy--were reelected, and KC Boyce and DeAnn Peterson were n ewly elected. 

2.  The Annual Meeting broadcast via Zoom for the first time.

3.  A new Strategic Plan was introduced. 

4.  Ad Hoc Membership Committee was announced--
This committee has been working on recommendations for updating membership policies and procedures. See a summary report of preliminary recommendations here.

5.  Outgoing board members thanked and recognized for their service: 

Thank you SO much, Jay Kiskel, Cathlean Utzig, and Erin Thompson!

Ted Presents special gifts to Jay, Cathlean and Erin. 

Board Election Outcomes:
  • Board Chair, Linda Sterner - Charlotte, NC. 
  •  Leadership Development Team
    • Gail Sphar - Franklin, TN. 
    • Nathalie Bigord - Lawrenceville, GA.  Board Chair-elect.
    • DeAnn Peterson - Atlanta, GA Member of UU Congregation of Atlanta.
  • Institutional Advancement Team
    • Dave Hudson - Roswell, Lay leader, UU Metro Atlanta North congregation, Roswell, GA.
    • Kit Hamblen, P.E. - Atlanta, GA. Serves as liaison to and member of The Mountain Endowment Fund Board.
  • Institutional  Performance Team
    • Kathleen Anderson, DLRE - Landrum, SC. Director of Lifespan Religious Education at the Greenville UU Fellowship.
    • KC Boyce - Atlanta, GA.
  • Planning and Finance Team
    • Peter Kandis - Hilton Head, SC. Corporate Secretary for The Mountain.
    • Rob Marcy - Board Financial Advisor. Charlotte, NC.  
    • Rev. Julie Kain - Pensacola, FL. Parish minister at the UU Church of Pensacola.
    • Kerry Keys - Washington, DC.  A lifelong UU, former Mountain camper, counselor, and Youth Programs Director.
  • Recording Secretary, Chris Breivogel - Fuquay-Varina, NC. President - Elect of the Board of the UU Fellowship of Raleigh.

Click on these links to view our 2017 Annual Report or the 2016 Development Overview Report that were distributed during the Annual Meeting

To learn more about The Mountain governance, programs, and ways you can support this special place, visit our   website and Facebook page.

A Glimpse at Homecoming Weekend 2017


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