Autumn Updates From The Mountain
October 19, 2017

Fall has arrived at The Mountain  and  Many Hands Peace Farm ! As the leaves change colors and the weather cools, the farm has been preparing for a productive month of October. 

Lettuce, turnips, beets, Asian greens, garlic, and kale are being planted. Beans, basil, various cherry tomatoes, San Marzano tomatoes, winter squash, and pumpkins are being harvested. 

More than 500 pounds of delicious organic apples have been harvested from two locations in the Highlands area. The owners of the trees have graciously allowed us to harvest their fruit in exchange for a selection of the farm's homemade apple products. This includes freshly pressed apple juice, apple sauce, apple butter, dehydrated apple chips, muffins, and apple cider vinegar made from the discarded cores. 

Our apple goods 
as well as other farm produce  have been integrated into our guests' dining experience. Guests enjoy farm-fresh foods such as roasted tomato sauc e with herbs, kale and basil pesto, roasted green beans, microgreens, nasturtium greens and edible flowers, and zucchini chocolate muffins. Yum!

The farm  has also been experimenting with new products outside the kitchen such as essential oils, bath bombs, and air freshene rs. Utilizing the abundance of white pine on Little Scaly M ountai n, the distillation process involves a pressure cooker to boil and cool the needles. The distilled oil is u sed to create essential oil and scented water. After a successful first attempt, our process will be perfected and expanded to make more oils from mint, oregano, lemon balm, and various other herbs. 

The essential oils and other products will be sold via The Mountain Store and online through our new Etsy store, including the Mushrooms on the Mountain 2018  calendar created by Joey Kyle. The calendar includes colorful photographs of edible and non-edible mushrooms that grow on Little Scaly Mountain. 

Joey Kyle has also been recently certified as a mushroom forager recognized by the states of NC, GA, and SC. Kyle can forage in national forests for 22 types of edible mushrooms which can be sold to restaurants, Mountain customers, or used in the kitchen. Having this certification will be a boon for upcoming foraging tours on The Mountain. 
Farm Managers Ben Galindo & Joey Kyle
Alyssa Fuller, Mountain staffer and entomologist, conducted a pollinator survey in the meadow area as a p art of our Feed A Bee  grant project. Various bees were collected, identified, photographed, and released for the purpose of gathering information about the bee population at the farm. These data and Kevin Fitzpatrick's photos of the process can be seen on iNaturalist .

Food Forest update: Permaculture consultant Zev Friedman came for a second visit with staff to discuss future planning and goals of the forest. Friedman discussed plans of the layout, vegetation, and the possibility of incorporating animals in the space to reduce human labor needs. A construction of the gateway for the entrance of food forest has been built using black locust posts, entering a new stage for the development of the forest and our beautiful mountain.

Many thanks for your ongoing support of the Many Hands Peace Farm and The Mountain!

~The Farm Team

Mountain Program Highlights

Fall Youth CONferences , November 3 - December 3

Happy New Year's Gathering, December 29 - January 1

Spring Youth CONferences, March 2 - 18

Creating Heart Space in These Turbulent Times, March 16- 18  (NEW program!)

Work Weekend & Easter Program, March 30 - April 1

Music Week 2018, April 1- 6

From Sustainability to Climate Justice, May 20 - 25  (NEW program!)

MountainCamps 2018, June 10 - 21

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